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How to play Irelia season 8 League of Legends

Irelia – The famous Swordsman in the top lane, used her graceful moves to unleash deadly blades. Capable of isolating their targets, forcing them to stand still and at a disadvantage.

League of Legends League of Legends

In season 7 of League of Legends, Irelia is loved by many gamers because of her dueling ability. So in season 8 pearls, buffs as well as the way to dress Irelia is different. Please follow the article below to understand better:


The Reunion Jade for Irelia season 8 League of Legends

The jade table used for Irelia was inclined to attack, extremely powerful in hand-to-hand battles.

  • Ready to Attack: Being a super gem that is perfect for basic attacks, activating them is easy because Sword Strike (Q) is also counted as a basic attack.
  • Victory: Helps restore health with 25 gold upon defeat.
  • Legendary: Helps speed up attacks, maximizing damage possible. The faster the attack speed increases the healing ability through basic attacks.
  • Slice: Deals 10% more damage to low-health enemies.
  • Armor Armor: Reduces enemy damage when attacked.
  • Dirty: Gain 60 additional health early in the game, avoid being killed too soon.

The Recombinant Gem for Irelia

Summoner spells for Irelia season 8 League of Legends

Move Move: After chanting for 4.5 seconds, teleports the champion to the location of an ally, turret, or eye.

Flash Speed: Moves a champion a small distance to the cursor position.

How to dress Irelia season 8 League of Legends

Starting equipment

Mutation Potion Variation potion: It is a very good starting item, capable of restoring health and abundant energy. As a result, Irelia safely stays in the lane, increasing the damage significantly.

Totem Eye Totem Eye: Is a free accessory that helps to gain visibility from jungler attacks.

Next item

Casual Shoes Casual Shoes: Gives you more flexibility when fighting.

Thuy Kiem Thuy Kiem: Provides energy, cooldowns, and passive that perfectly match the Irelia skill set.

Giant belt Giant belts: Helps you with good resilience and is strong enough to confidently confront the enemy.

Shadow Cloak Cloak in Darkness: Helps you tougher with the enemy’s skills.

End of game equipment

Build 1:

Buil 1

Build 2:

Buil 2

Build 3:

Buil 3

The effects of each type of equipment:

Ninja shoes Ninja shoes

  • Increases Armor by 30.
  • Unique Passive: Blocks 10% damage from basic attacks.
  • Movement Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčAcceleration (Unique Passive): Increases movement speed by 45.

Tam Hop Kiem Three fusion swords

  • Increases health by 250.
  • Increases attack damage by 25.
  • 20% increase in critical chance
  • 15% attack speed increase.
  • 10% increase in cooldown reduction.
  • 5% increased movement speed.
  • Gains 250 mana Rage (Unique Passive): Basic attacks increase movement speed by 20 for 2 seconds. Killing an opponent gains 60 movement speed. For ranged champions, this bonus will be halved.
  • Magic Sword (Unique Passive): After using an ability, the next basic attack increases physical damage by about 200% of base attack damage (1.5 second cooldown).

Ice heart Ice heart

  • Increases 90 armor.
  • 20% increased cooldown reduction.
  • Increases aura mana by 400% (Unique Passive): Reduces attack speed of surrounding enemies by 15%.

Sword of the Unknown King Sword of the Unknown King

  • 25% increased physical damage.
  • 40% increased attack speed.
  • Unique passive lifesteal increase by 10%: Basic attacks increase the target’s HP by 6% as bonus physical damage (up to 60 minions and monsters). Lifesteal applies to these damage.
  • Unique Active: Increases target champion’s maximum health by 10% (min 100) as physical damage, heals with gauge, and takes 25% of the target’s movement speed for 3 seconds (90 seconds duration recuperation).

Randuin Ice Shield Randuin Ice Shield

  • Increases 450 health.
  • Increases 60 armor.
  • 10% increased damage from critical attack Cold Steel (Unique Passive): When hit, slows enemy attack speed by 15%.
  • Unique Active: Slows the movement speed of surrounding units by 35% for 4 seconds (60 second cooldown).

Spiritual armor Spiritual armor

  • Increases health by 500.
  • 70 magic resist increased.
  • Base health regen 150 increased.
  • 10% increase in unique passive cooldown reduction: Increases all healing effects taken by 20%.

Malmortius Malmortius

  • 55 Attack Damage increase.
  • Increases magic resistance by 50.
  • Increases 10 armor penetration Magic Insurance (Unique Passive): If the middle of the attack causes the health to decrease below 30%, the player gains 1 shield that absorbs 300 + 1 for each magic resistance for 5 seconds (90 healing seconds).
  • Magic Insurance (Unique Passive): When magic insurance is activated gain 25% attack speed, + 10% magic lifesteal, and + 10% lifesteal at the end of battle.

Angel Armor Angel Armor

  • Increases attack damage by 40.
  • Increases armor by 30.
  • Unique Passive: When taking damage ends, restores 50% of maximum health, 30% of maximum mana for 4 seconds of stasis.

Hope the above article will help you know how to use Irelia, to maximize the power that she brings. In addition, you can refer to how to raise points for Reunion in Season 8 for each position in League of Legends.

Wish you all success!

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