15 ways to make money and LP in The Sims FreePlay

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The Sims FreePlay is a popular human life simulation game in the world. In the game, you will build your town and life by completing quests, going to work, going to school, planting trees, baking, raising pets … to earn money Simoleons and LP (Life Points) .

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Thus, Simoleons and LP are two essential currencies in the game. You can earn Simoleons in the game such as controlling Sim to go to work, garden and bake. Life Points are earned by completing goals, interests, and hobbies that can be dug up from pets raised in the game. So is there any other way? The following is 15 ways to make money and LP in The Sims FreePlay that you should know.

Earn more Simoleons and LPs

You have many ways to earn more Simoleons and LPs to build towns and lives faster in The Sims FreePlay.

1. Buy Simoleons and LPs

Buy Simoleons and LPs

You can often buy them in an online store if you’re having trouble with real money. But if you need to buy either of these, buy LP instead of Simoleons because LP is harder to find in the game.

2. Level up

When you level up, you will receive LP. You can level up faster by hitting relationship milestones and completing rows in the interest collection.

3. Complete your goals

Complete your goals

Each completed goal will receive a reward. It could be money, LP or XP. And when you complete a selection of weekly goals, you’ll get more money and more LP.

4. Increase the value of the town

You will receive LP when your town reaches certain values.

5. Gardening and baking


If all of your Sims are gardening then you can make a lot of Simoleons. But if you’re too busy doing other real-world jobs and don’t have time to control your in-game gardening Sim, put your Sim in that job during the time you’re busy.

Let many Sim grow vegetables

For example, while sleeping at night, you can let Sim plant beans for 9 hours. Or if you are free, set up growing vegetables for more Sims and grow carrots or corn over and over to make more money. One important thing to keep in mind is that Sim will make more money when inspired.

6. Pets dig for treasure

Pets dig money

The more expensive your pets are, the more LP they can dig. In fact, they find more Simoleons than they do LP.

7. Party boat

The more neighbors you have, the more awards you will get. Most prizes are Simoleons, but sometimes you will receive LP.

8. Competition Center

Competition center

The competition center is where you participate in competitions. To easily win a contest you should choose a Sim with the highest level of your interest and compete within 24 hours. If your Sim reaches first place, you will receive 3 LP. You will still receive rewards no matter where Sim is in the contest rankings.

9. Bingo Hall

You can enter your Senior into Bingo Hall for one of the Bingo tournaments in a day and if you win you will get a huge bonus.

10. Interests


You will receive Simoleons for doing hobby quests, and when you complete interest collections, you will collect key prizes to receive LP. Cooking is a hobby to choose because you can make a lot of money and LP is relatively fast with many Sims doing at the same time.

11. Earn revenue from cars

Get revenue from car

If you buy a 1-storey villa you will receive a free car. You can use it to drive into the city, click on music icons and collect money. The more expensive your car is, the more likely you are to find LP.

12. Daily rewards

Daily mailbox for you Simoleons every 24 hours, the amount is based on the value of your town. The higher your value, the more money you will get.

13. Money from home

You click on the money and XPs icon on the town map to collect Simoleons.

14. Free Simoleons / LP / SP from advertising

Free Simoleons / LP / SP from ads

When you see a paperboy in your city with a film over your head, click on it to see an ad. After watching, you will earn furniture, Simoleons, LP or SP.

15. Go to work

Choose one of the jobs scientist, artist, teacher, politician, athlete, firefighter, musician, actor, and real estate agent to commute every day and make money.

As such, there are many ways for you to make money and LP in The Sims FreePlay. Remember not to use cheating as it will have undesirable consequences such as buildings taking longer to build, daily rewards not appearing … Just work hard Dynamic will gain more Simoleons as well as LPs.

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