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A sniper rifle or a sniper rifle (Sniper rifle) is one of the most destructive and dangerous guns in any shooting game. With Crossfire Legends too, this game has a long list of different guns in this line. So what types of guns are there? How powerful are they? Let’s take a look at the analysis below to know and more convenient in the process CF Legends bared.

Although available in the game, if you want to use a sniper rifle, players have to equip themselves or if you don’t have one, when the trial period expires, you may have to buy them from stock.

List of gun sight in the game CF Mobile

Raid Mobile has a whole list of rifles, each with different shapes, colors and abilities, if you are also a fan of the headshot, you should check out this article.

1. AWM-Blue Pottery

AWM-Blue Pottery

This is a pretty fancy version inspired by the original AWM-A. With the design is the pattern, color and line ceramic style, elegant and light. AWM-Blue Pottery has been modified to help increase accuracy, penetration, stability as well as reload speed.

AWM-Blue Pottery Specifications:


AWM-Blue Pottery Advantages:

  • Has great power.
  • Change bullets fairly quickly.
  • High penetration.

AWM-Blue Pottery Cons:

  • Great recoil.
  • Requires users to have high technology.

2. AWM-Jasmine


Jasmine is pThe current version is slightly more advanced than the original conventional sniper rifle (AWM). AWM-Jasmine is designed with The outer crust is green in color combined with white flowers, it looks very eye-catching and youthful. In addition to enhanced accuracy and stability, this version also has very high penetration, is capable of causing strong damage and is truly a terror on the battlefield.

Specifications of AWM-Jasmine:


Advantages of AWM-Jasmine:

  • High damage properties.
  • High precision.
  • The number of bullets in the ice is more than the traditional version.

Cons of AWM-Jasmine:

  • Although the stability has been increased, this is still considered a big minus point of this version.

3. AWM


AWM is the abbreviation of Arctic Warfare MagnumThis is the most typical and popular sniper gun in the shooter genre. It is present in almost all FPS games, you can also recognize and know this gun with its familiar name. gun 46 (if ever playing game Counter-Strike).

With outstanding advantages such as being able to cause massive damage and high accuracy possible One shot one kill Easily.

At close range, the AWM cannot maneuver and is sure to be far behind other guns, but when it comes to fighting long-range targets, the AWM seems unrivaled. Another requirement when playing AWM is that the gunner must always move and choose the right position to maximize the power of his weapon.

AWM specifications:


Advantages of AWM:

  • Has great power.
  • The ability to shoot accurately.

Disadvantages of AWM:

  • Reload time is quite long.
  • not maneuver.

4. AWM-A


AWM-A is also a modified version of the famous sniper AWM. But this weapon has been slightly improved, with the addition of a new aiming system to increase accuracy, especially, this is also one of the very few models designed to serve. purely for hiding and remote firing (because the color and decoration of the gun are quite curvy).

Specifications of AWM-A:


Advantages of AWM-A:

  • Great damage.
  • High precision ratio.
  • Easy to disguise.

Disadvantages of AWM-A:

  • Limited magazine (little).
  • Quite cumbersome.
  • Long reload time.

5. AWM-Silver


Nearly preserves the style, shape, and attributes of the original AWM version. But AWM-Silver is really one killer killer with the outstanding in damage, aiming accuracy and excellent penetration.

Specifications of AWM-Silver:


Advantages of AWM-Silver:

  • Great damage.
  • High penetration.
  • High precision.

Disadvantages of AWM-Silver:

  • Slightly shocking for unfamiliar people.
  • The silver case is not really suitable when it comes to hiding.

6. AWM-B


If seen with the naked eye, it would be difficult to distinguish between AWM, AWM-A and AWM-B. However, AWM-B is a version has been changed and slightly upgraded compared to the original AWM familiar. This makes AWM-B superior in penetration as well as stability and reload speed. At the same time more ammo is also a plus point of this gun.

Specifications of AWM-B:


Advantages of AWM-B:

  • Great damage ability.
  • High precision.
  • Strong penetrating ability.

Disadvantages of AWM-B:

7. Barrett


Barrett is one of the most popular sniper rifles and carry modern style Best. Thanks to its leading power, this version is very popular with gunners.

Although it has a lower rate of fire than the semi-automatic sniper rifle line, but the damage that Barrett inflicts is much superior, and its mobility is also quite high.

Barrett specifications:


Barrett’s advantages:

  • High precision.
  • Great damage.

Disadvantages of Barrett:

  • The reload speed is quite slow.
  • Heavy weight is a major weakness of the Barrett.

8. AWM-Anniversary


AWM-Anniversary is also known with a rather special name “Navy sniper rifle“by the color blue combined with white (often found on military uniforms or equipment of the Navy).

The specs of this version are also not very different from the AWM-A, except that it has slightly improved accuracy and stability. The AWM-Anniversary is also the only limited edition gun in this sniper line.

Specifications of AWM-Anniversary:


Advantages of AWM-Anniversary:

  • High force.
  • Its accuracy and penetration are almost absolute.

Disadvantages of AWM-Anniversary:

  • The outstanding color is the biggest weakness of this weapon because it is completely not suitable for hiding tactics for sniping.

9. AWM-A-Gold


Gold means Gold, representing economic value, in addition, it is also an expression of class and luxury. However, AWM-A-Gold also does not have too many advantages over the version Conventional AWM-A.

The biggest highlight of this weapon is its ability change bullets extremely fast (arguably the fastest in the sniper rifle line), helping to take down all targets with virtually no disruption – the point of death that all lines of sniper rifles would have if they wanted to shoot next.

Specifications of AWM-A-Gold:


Advantages of AWM-A-Gold:

  • Great force (almost max).
  • Strong penetration.
  • High precision.
  • The reload speed is extremely fast.

Disadvantages of AWM-A-Gold:

  • However, being a gun sight always requires the player to have good skills.

10. Barrett-Royal Dragon


This is a sophisticated, luxurious and expressive version class, most delicate in this list. Barrett-Royal Dragon is also known by a pseudonymdragon’s gun“by the” cool “exterior motifs. Another special feature of this gun is that it is upgraded from the famous sniper Barrett M82A1.

If only in terms of destructive power and power Barrett Royal-Dragon really has no rival in Raid Mobile. Its only drawback is very little ammo, so it can only be suitable for gunners with skilled aiming skills.

Specifications of Barrett Royal-Dragon:


Advantages of Barrett Royal-Dragon:

  • Very high damage and penetration (highest in this sniper line).
  • High precision.

Cons of Barrett Royal-Dragon:

  • The ammo box is small so the number of ammo is quite limited.

11. AWM-A-Tournaments


This is another limited edition of the AWM-A as well. This weapon not in the Shop or rewarded by it as a reward for closing the tournament. It is not as prominent as AWM-Anniversary, Barrett-Royal Dragon or AWM-Jasmine, but AWM-A-Tournaments has a unique shell, which is quite impressive with two grams black and white Opposition.

Even so, the stats of AWM-A-Tournaments only slightly better than the regular version a bit in terms of accuracy and stability, suitable for playing in the Squad or Placing mode.

AWM-A-Tournament Specifications:


Advantages of AWM-A-Tournaments:

  • Fast fire rate.
  • High precision.
  • High damage ability.

Cons of AWM-A-Tournaments:

  • Difficult to control.
  • It is very difficult to have one of the AWM-A-Tournaments.

Above is a complete and detailed list of each type of gun in the game Crossfire Legends as well as their features, parameters and advantages – disadvantages. If you love this gun, this is the article that you need to consider and choose to use.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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