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BTS – a national group from the country of kimchi, is extremely loved by Vietnamese young people, intending to release an extremely interesting game, called BTS World.

BTS never seems to disappoint the fans. Every day, they give fans an attractive “gift” such as news, music videos, conversation topics … Never before has a group interacted with fans so much and now BTS will improve their relationship. Take that to new heights by inviting ARMYs to become virtual managers BTS World.

Group management game BTS World

So BTS World what? Join us to find out!

BTS World is a new mobile game, providing 10,000 exclusive brand photos and 100 debut videos of this cult group. The game allows players to participate in an interactive journey with BTS. However, you will go back in time to 2012, before BTS appeared in public and became as popular as it is now. You will become a manager with a mission to help them increase their global reputation. Sounds interesting, right?

To suggest to fans about the ideal manager, all 7 members of BTS – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook shared their expectations of that person. RM wants the manager to be responsible and always on the side of the group, while Jin just wants to be provided with 24/7 milk chocolate in the dressing room. What else? Please see the BTS World introduction clip for more information.

How to become a manager of BTS? According to a source on the web BTS World, the story will play out as follows:

The world starts to turn upside down from the moment you hold this ticket. When you open your eyes, you’re in a strange place in 2012. Wait, are you a BigHit employee?

You have just become the manager of BTS in the world that no one knows about the existence of this group. The successful or unsuccessful BTS debut is all in your hands!

The official BTS World website also offers a preview of the story’s content. It seems that players have to click on the scene to watch the story progression and ultimately help BTS become a famous group.

Although it is unclear what types of photos and videos fans will be available at the time of game publication, based on the storyline revealed, it is likely that the game will take the starting point from the early days of BTS, even maybe in the stage members are still being trained. BTS World will be a “delicious spiritual food” for those who have just become fans of this group and still do not know much about their history.

Expected release Netmarble BTS World for iOS & BTS World for Android all over the world. The official release date of BTS World has yet to be announced and whether the game will be paid for a fee remains a mystery. But now, fans can pre-register the game on the publisher’s website to update all the latest information. Interested readers can refer to How to early register the group management game BTS World on Download.vn.

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