Genshin Impact: How to unlock daily quests

You already know how to unlock daily quests in Genshin Impact yet? If not, let’s find out!

Genshin Impact gives players a series of different missions, including 4 daily quests that will appear when players reach a certain Adventure rank. The article will guide you how to unlock daily quests in Genshin Impact to set goals quickly & easily get great rewards.

Conquer daily quests in Genshin Impact

The daily quest in Genshin Impact is unlocked at Adventure Rank 12

Unlock daily quests in Genshin Impact relatively simple, you need to reach Adventure Rank 12. At this point, you will receive a short quest, which requires you to visit the Adventure Guild to get a quick summary of this daily quest system.

You will have 4 daily tasks to complete. They are highlighted prominently on the map by purple icons. All will give you an exciting adventure experience and the chance to receive some Primogem, Mora (gold), Companionship and other power-boosting items. The rewards will get richer when you reach the Adventure Rank thresholds, of course, the higher the rewards will be. Going to the Adventure Guild after completing all 4 missions, you will receive a completion reward (also increasing your Adventure Rank).

Adventure Rank thresholds in Genshin Impact include:

  • Rank 12-13
  • Rank 16-19
  • Rank 20-24
  • Rank 25-29
  • Rank 30-34

In addition, you will also receive a level 1 Adventurer Treasure pack. It will contain an equipment for your level 1 character. Although sometimes the rewards may not be much for you, but if you only need to spend 15 conquering quests to get. add valuable items, why not try it? So, whenever you log in to Genshin Impact, if you have time, don’t hesitate to join the daily quest!

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