What do the numbers in the Empire game mean?

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Those who love the strategy game genre may not be able to ignore the game AOE (Empire). Although being born a long time ago, the Empire has always attracted a large number of participants. Perhaps you have used the numbers 1, 2 through 25 to communicate with other players.

So you have understood the meaning of these numbers yet? Because understanding the meaning of these numbers is extremely important, making it easier for gamers to communicate with their teammates, understand what their teammates want? Just typing in the wrong or wrong numbers will affect the strategy of the game immediately. So take some time to learn to memorize the meaning of these numbers!

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Meaning of numbers in the game AOE – Empire

1: Yes – Agree to something the teammates suggested.

2: No – Disagree with teammate’s suggestion.

3: I need food – Give me some food.

4: Somebody pass the wood – Please pass me some wood.

5: Gold, please – Can anyone give me some gold.

6: Give me some stone – Pass me some ice.

7: Wheeeee – Too bored, out of hope.

8: Your attempts are futile: Don’t try anymore.

9. Yeeehaaa Yeeehaaa – Cheers.

10: Hey, I’m in your town – I’m in your main house.

11: Boeee Murmur.

12: Join me – Follow me.

13: I don’t think so – I don’t think so, my opinion is different.

14: Start the game already – Get ready to start the battle.

15: Who’s the man? – Who?

16: Attack them now – Attack now.

17: Hahahaha Laghing out loud.

18: I’m weak, please don’t kill me – I’m very weak, don’t hit me.

19: Hahahahahahahaha: Laugh.

20: I just got some satisfaction – I just swept it.

21: Hey, nice town – Hehe, is the house nice?

22: We will not tolerate this behavior – We will not forgive you, chase you to the end.

23: Get out: Let’s exit.

24: Lest go !: Into the match.

Above are all the numbers that gamers often use in their Empire battle. Hopefully, new gamers can easily communicate with their teammates.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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