How to play Graves Jungle in Wild Rift League

Graves is one of the best jungle solo champions Wild Rift Alliance with Master Yi, Xin Zhao and Lee Sin. To play the Jungler Graves in the Wild Rift League most effectively, here are the items, runes, summoners, … that you can refer to.

Play Wild Rift Graves in Wild Rift League Good can carry the team and help climb the rank quickly. Here is how to play, build the strongest and most effective jungle champion Graves.

how to play graves in the league of toc chien

How to play Graves jungle in Wild Rift

How to play Graves Jungle in Wild Rift League

1. Items, build Graves to go Wild Rift rừng

Depending on the game, and the opponent’s list of champions, the equipment items for Graves in the Jungle will vary. Here is a list of some important items that should be equipped for Graves to play more effectively:

– Black Cleaver (Black Ax): Deals physical damage to enemy champions, reduces armor by 4% for 6 seconds, stacking 6 times reduces 24%.
– Phantom Dancer (Ma Vu Twin Sword): Increases Graves’ Critical Hit Rate by 25%, Attack Speed ​​by 45%, and Movement Speed ​​by 5%. Also passive creates a shield when health is below 35%.

how to play graves in the league of toc chien

– Death’s Dance (Dance of Death): Maximizes Graves’ physical damage and lifesteal. Specifically with this item, Graves will receive an additional 300 HP, 35 physical damage and 10% physical lifesteal, plus a 10% cooldown reduction.
– Mortal Reminder (Death Reminder): Grants maximum armor penetration and applies Deep Wound to enemy champions.
– Guardian Angel (Angel Armor): grants Graves 40 Armor and 45 Physical Damage plus the Resurrect Passive effect.

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In addition, you can equip Graves with some optional items below:

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Choi's graves are the best of the best to join the union toc chien

2. Gem board to play Wild Rift champion Graves

Fleet Footwork main rune greatly improves Graves’ damage ability. Meanwhile, the Hunter Vampirism gem increases the Graves stats after you successfully gank. The Brutal Gem (Rage) makes the jungler Graves stronger in the early game.

How to play graves in the best way in the league of toc chien

3. Summoner spell for Wild Rift jungle Graves

Flash and Smite are two important summoners for Graves in the jungle. In it, the summoner Flash is used when Graves is trying to chase or escape from the opponent. The Summoner Spell Smite makes it easy for Graves to take down jungle monsters.

How to play graves in the alliance to understand through

4. Combo skills to play General Graves Wild Rift

* Passive New Destiny (Change of Destiny)

Graves’ shotgun has several unique attributes:

– Double Barrel: Graves must reload when out of ammo, attack speed reduces reload time and time between attacks.
– 12 Guage: attack with 4 bullets. Targets hit take 72% physical damage and gain 33% additional ammo. Critical hit 6 bullets, increasing physical damage by 40%.
– Buckshot: bullets cannot penetrate the opponent’s target. Non-champions that are hit multiple times will bounce back a little later.

* Skill 1 End of the Line (Target Piercing Bullet)

Cooldown 12s and Mana 65.

Fires a bullet that deals 45 physical damage, then explodes after 1.5 seconds, dealing damage and increasing physical damage by 85. Detonates after 0.25 seconds if it hits terrain.

* Skill 2 Smoke Screen (Blind Bomb)

Cooldown 20s and Mana 75.

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Fires smoke wraps for 4 seconds at the target location. Enemies hit take 60 magic damage and reduce their movement speed by 50% for 0.5 seconds.

* Skill 3 Quickdraw (Quick Draw)

Cooldown 15s and Mana 40. Dash in a direction and reload a bullet, gaining True Grit for 4 seconds. True Grit increases Armor by 4 (stacks 8 times). Dash towards enemy champions to gain 2 stacks of True Grit.

* Skill 4 Collateral Damage (Cannon Explosion)

Cooldown 90s and Mana 100.

Fires an explosive projectile that deals 250 physical damage and knocks Graves back. The projectile explodes if it hits an enemy champion or reaches the end of its range dealing 200 physical damage.

* Combo skills of General Graves jungle

Here is the order of the most optimal skills for Graves in the jungle:

how to play graves jungle in toc chien

Note: In the early jungle, 1 End of the Line is more effective than 3 Quickdraw.

5. How to play Graves in the Jungle

– Using the ultimate is the best in case you have to escape from an enemy.
– Use automatic attack to defeat Neutral, limit taking unnecessary damage.

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Above just showed you how to play Graves in the Wild in Wild Rift League. In addition, to learn about the strongest junglers Wild Rift, readers can visit here.

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