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Top 5 Games with the most similar gameplay to Roblox

Roblox is a game that gives players a free world, allowing them to freely build buildings and interact with each other. When playing the game, players can create their own mini worlds to enjoy and introduce to friends and other players. The game has a sandbox model and a joyful, friendly atmosphere and that is also the reason why the game is being loved by children around the world. Here, EmergenceInGame would like to introduce the 5 best games with similar content and gameplay to Roblox.


Growtopia is like a “hybrid” game between Roblox and Minecraft. This game will satisfy gamers who want Roblox to have a more nostalgic art style. The gameplay of this game is also in the genre sandbox and revolve around farm and build the world to farm. The game also has a lot of different gameplay options, you can choose single player to play alone or play style multiplayer full of energy and excitement. Like Roblox, Growtopia does not have a mandatory goal or limit the number of players, but allows players to freely explore the world in the way they like.

Download the game Growtopia at:

Game Growtopia
Game Growtopia


Although it is a bit limited in the number of regular updates, Mythruna has extremely interesting content. If you love Roblox’s boxy design and player-controlled features, you’ll find similarities in this game. Mythruna is a sandbox role-playing game (RPG) is a bit of a fantasy. The game allows players to build their own worlds as they please, and it features a simple animation system, much like Roblox’s easy-to-learn but complicated building system.

Download the game Mythruna at:

Game Mythruna
Game Mythruna


Trove is a game with the graphics style of Minecraft and the smooth animation of Roblox. The game will make gamers think of Minecraft in many ways, for example, the inventory of items has a pretty similar design. The game is also similar to Roblox in that both games revolve around the element of screen building. Another similarity is that both games allow players to Custom character editing.

Download game Trove at:

Game Trove
Game Trove


Staxel allows players to freely explore in a farm world and interact with their pets. The game allows players to choose between single-player and online co-op. Players can create any world they want. The game’s construction mechanism is easy to get used to and has a boxy graphic style familiar to veteran players. When playing Staxel, players can not only build farms, but also build many other types of buildings, just like Roblox.

Download Staxel game at:

Game Staxel
Game Staxel

Animal Jam

Animal Jam gives players a lively world, where you can play games, create your own levels, and earn gems with characters representing cute animals. Just like Roblox, this game mainly depends on character customization, parallel to the creation and construction. The game doesn’t have the same blocky graphic style as Roblox, but it does have an open world that many fans of the online multiplayer game genre will find very familiar.

Download Animal Jam game at:

Game Animal Jam
Game Animal Jam

Above is Top 5 games with the most similar gameplay to Roblox. Hopefully this article will be useful for those who are intending to learn about Roblox-like games. Join EmergenceInGame to read the next articles.

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