Top 10 scary facts about Pokemon that you didn’t know

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Pokemon lovely? Cute Pokemon? Adorable Pokemon? Please forget all those thoughts after you realize the following 10 scary facts about the Pokemon world.

Children have to fight?

In such a colorful world, why do children who are not old enough to rush into each other and fight to the end. They can even use monsters with insane power to rush into each other’s lives?! Why are parents and adults still happy to see these little coaches rush into the world to earn fame by fighting other kids? That’s probably one of the first confusing logics that few people realize in the Pokemon world.


The true god of death

In Pokemon X and Y, gamers are also immersed in a colorful world like in previous versions. However, this time gamers will be able to see one of the Pokemon known as the true god of death in the Pokemon world. Yes, that’s Yveltal, a Pokemon of the Dark/Flying Type. In Pokemon X and Y, Yveltal is described with the words “when it dies, it will suck up all the life around it and turn into a cocoon once more”. It sounds like a symbol of the phoenix, but Yveltal actually carries the power of death in the purest sense we’ve ever witnessed – a reason the bad guys use for their dark plots. me.


Xatu witnessed the pain in silence

In Pokedex, the reason why Xatu always stands motionless and keeps silent is because it can “see through the past and the future at the same time”. Not only are we shocked by what goes on in Xatu’s head, but we’re also left shivering knowing that this Pokemon can see all the most painful, dark, and terrifying events in the future without even saying a word. word. It also means that Xatu will foresee your death but still just stand there with lifeless eyes and wait until the clock strikes the end.


The ultimate hatred inside Banette

Banette is a Ghost-type Pokemon with the appearance of a ghost doll. Banette’s habit is to live in small alleys or dirty trash cans. However, the special thing about this Pokemon is that it always harbors extreme hatred that we can never know why. When attacking, Banette cursed by transforming herself into a substitute for her victim and using javelins to stab herself. All those scary things about Banette make us imagine a doll that was thrown away and harbored a grudge in our hearts, from which to hang around in every alley where we were left to take revenge on the owner.


Sea monster Jellicent

Jellicent’s appearance gives people a cute and harmless feeling. But in fact despite his bright appearance inside Jellicent is a true Ghost-type Pokemon. That’s why they live by draining the life of their victims who dare to come close. Because of this, ships that pass through areas where Jellicent is often never return.​


To be continued.

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