EpicSummoners: Battle Hero Warriors – The Heir of Summoners War is here?

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For line RPG game, mobile-based games have fewer options for manipulation than their PC counterparts. If Dark Souls nice Bayonetta gives gamers great experiences, difficult challenges in the process of mastering each character’s actions, games played on touch screens like EpicSummoners: Battle Hero Warriors Satisfying tactical pleasures and watching each battle.


EpicSummoners: Battle Hero Warriors is the latest free-to-play tactical RPG on mobile. The game possesses captivating graphics quality, unique characters, extensive gameplay, an epic storyline and endless action sequences.

The setting is the world in the end of the war of good and evil, when the good and the bad have created the final giant alliance, preparing for a war that will put an end to all other wars. . As a result, gamers need to control the fate of every living creature in the world.


Specifically, gamers need to find and recruit suitable warriors and heroes to lead the army to score points and collect supplies (loot). Each battle is conducted automatically, even gamers do not need to directly watch because all rewards can be received when offline.

For many gamers, EpicSummoners: Battle Hero Warriors removed the most “boring” part of RPG games, which is the constant “poking, swiping” action on the screen. Here, the victory or defeat of the battle is decided right from the command room, where gamers add upgrades and decide on tactics for their army.

The whole gameplay focuses on planning. Gamers not only need to devise the right strategy in the right situation, but also have to consider upgrading and deploying equipment in the right places.


In addition to the usual equipment, the game also adds magic elements and air combat equipment. Through Magic Ladder or Wishing Pond, anything is possible. The developer promises more content to be released in the future.

Besides, EpicSummoners: Battle Hero Warriors also owns a multi-player exchange system. Gamers can make friends, form alliances and climb the ladder of fame on the world-level roster.

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