Synthesis of cheat codes in GTA III game

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Grand Theft Auto III, also abbreviated as GTA 3, is one of the best street robbery games today. Similar to previous versions, we can also use cheat command, GTA III cheat code to make gaming easier.

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Born in 2001, Grand Theft Auto 3 is considered a revolutionary version with GTA game when changing from 2D to 3D genre. Although in this version, the multiplayer mode was removed, but GTA III has been changed and improved, especially with character voiceover and storyline, something that previous versions never had. .

GTA cheat command 3

Although there is some controversy about the violence surrounding this game, it is nonetheless recognized that GTA III deserves to be one of the best and most groundbreaking games.

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gunsgunsguns Unlock all weapons
ifiwerearichman Increase money
gesundheit Full health, 100% health recovery
morepoliceplease Increase wanted level
nopoliceplease Decreased wanted level
bangbangbang Destroy all cars around the character
ilikedressingup Change character costumes
itsallgoingmaaad People in the game go crazy
nobodylikesme All pedestrians will automatically attack you
weaponsforall All pedestrians will automatically fight
timeflieswhenyou Speed ​​up the game
madweather Makes time in the game pass very quickly
boooooring Play the game faster (Reduce the speed in the game)
turtoise Full armor
skincancerforme Make the weather better
ilikescotland Make the sky more cloudy
ilovescotland Rain
peasoup Foggy
anicesetofwheels Invisible vehicle

Call flying cars

cornerslikemad Improved character’s driving skills
nastylimbscheat Turn on gore graphics
giveusatank Call the tank (Rhino)

The above article has just introduced to you the entire cheat command system and game cheat code GTA 3, with these codes, players can access the game more easily. If you want to enter cheat codes faster, you can refer to the article how to use Unikey to enter the code GTA Vice City.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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