How to cook the ingredients in Genshin Impact

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The article will guide you How to process the ingredients in Genshin Impact Follow the 5 simplest steps.

Making ingredients and enjoying the food can give a character’s strength stat in Genshin Impact, such as Attack or Stamina. To begin Cooking in Genshin ImpactYou need to transfer the raw materials first.

How to cook the ingredients in Genshin Impact

1. Go to the cooking area in Mondstadt, the port of Liyue or the camping site

Whether you are planning a recipe or making an ingredient, you will need to make it in the kitchen area.

The kitchen in Genshin Impact

The most accessible cooking area is either in Mondstadt or the Port of Liyue. Just look for the knife and fork icon on the map.

2. Press Cook to open the cooking menu

The kitchen space in Genshin Impact

3. Click the Material icon

This will open the ingredients tab. Here you can see a list of ingredients that can be processed.

Material icon in Genshin Impact

4. Select the ingredients you want to process

Click the ingredients you want to cook and select Cook. Then, set the amount for them, then press Confirm.

Genshin Impact’s system will now begin to process raw materials. They will be added to the processing queue.

5. Wait for the cooking process to finish, then take your ingredients

Cooking times vary depending on the ingredients in Genshin Impact. Example: It takes about 3 minutes to process 2 sweet flowers to give you sugar.

Once done, press Obtain To get the finished product on the tab Ingredients menu Cook.

Processing the ingredients in Genshin Impact

A list of dishes, their recipe and their cooking time in Genshin Impact

Finished products Recipe Time
Bacon – Bacon

2 wild meat

2 salt

15 minutes
Butter – Butter 2 milk 5 minutes
Cheese – Cheese 3 milk 10 minutes
Crab Roe – Crab meat 4 crabs 20 minutes
Cream – Cream 1 milk 3 minutes
Flour – Wheat flour 1 wheat 1 minute
Ham – Ham

3 Sunsettia

2 raspberries

1 way

5 minutes
Jam – Jam

3 Sunsettia

2 raspberries

1 way

10 minutes
Sausage – Sausage 3 Wild meat 20 minutes
Smoked Fowl – Grilled bird

3 chicken

1 salt

5 minutes
Sugar – Sugar 2 sweet flowers 3 minutes

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