Effective attack technique in FIFA Online 3

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FIFA Online 3 is a football game that attracts a lot of gamers from all over the world to participate, for those who love this king sport must also want to once become a professional coach, leading the team. His shadow steps on the path of glory ahead.

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But to become a good coach is not easy at all, requires players to learn as well mastered basic attacking techniques and build a professional kick for his team. We invite you to explore the article below to improve your skills in FIFA Online 3, quickly conquer the opponent’s net, bring beautiful and honorable goals for your team.

The attack technique in FIFA Online 3 is effective

1. Wing attack technique

Classic flaps

Use A key (B button on handle) To perform classic cross-wing techniques, to pass and cross the ball, but the ball will be hooked to the correct position of the player inside or no longer depends on the player’s cross-wing index. However, you should note that click alone key A the success rate will be very low.

Mid-range flaps

When using A + A keys (buttons on handle: B + B) to perform mid-wing crossings the ball will go mid-range, swirling and lower than when crossing the wing in the classic way. Strikers of modest height should take advantage of this wing-cross technique to quickly score goals.

Effective attack technique in FIFA Online 3

Touch the ball

Compared to classic and mid-range crosses, the technique to cross the ball seems much more difficult, not just because of the pressing operation. keys A + A + A (buttons on handle: B + B + B) more difficult, but also because the force of the ball is so strong that the player has to be really agile to finish successfully.

The perfect complement to A wing cross

When using Q + A keys (buttons on handle: LB + B) the inner striker will actively move to receive the ball from the cross. The ball will be swirling around, easily overcoming the defensive players to fall right into the right position for the striker to score. But this technique is also relatively difficult, requiring players to practice and learn more experience to be able to do it successfully.

Effective attack technique in FIFA Online 3

2. Middle attack technique

Turn on the middle wall

Use Q + S keys (buttons on handle: LB + A) To perform this skill, this is a skill used by most players due to its simple yet effective operation. This is the shortest way to bring the ball to the opponent’s goal, with just a few reasonable kicks, you can eliminate the midfielder and put the player in face to the goalkeeper, or make up the ball. space for midfielders to shoot away.

Effective attack technique in FIFA Online 3

Wanting to do this technique successfully requires your team to be able to continuously beat, dribble, handle the ball in narrow distances, the players must also run and swap positions. do you want to be able to close the goal and score a goal quickly.

Stick slot

Use key W (button on handle: Y) To perform this technique, this technique requires you to have good visibility, high concentration, vision like a plug-in midfielder, to see all changes and loopholes of the opponent. quickly. At the same time, you must choose the right time to make a punch and keep enough force so that the striker above can follow the ball.

Effective attack technique in FIFA Online 3

Pay attention not to cross the ball too high will cause the striker to run deep inside it is difficult to break the offside trap, but in the case of defense, the midfielder should not let the midfielder retreat too deeply, making it difficult for the attack to attack. Focusing on the midfield is best.

Video instructions to poke slots in FIFA Online 3:


Passing route

Online passing technique used Q + W key (button on handle: LB + Y) to move the ball into position depending on how much force you adjust. The stronger the force, the further away the ball will go, so this technique depends entirely on the player’s skill rather than on the player’s stats.

Players can adjust the trend of 2-3 attacks for the striker plug. And when you steal the ball, immediately press Q Let him run and pass the line to counterattack. A point is also quite important that the player should note that if the attack is slow, it will let the enemy back to the defense, but attacking quickly, you cannot just rely on passing this line. .

Long pass video in FIFA Online 3:

In addition, in FiFa Online 3 there are many techniques that you need to refer to such as: Technical tutoring, Penalty shot technique good how to lead and kick the ball Effective for more experience, easily conquer the ball.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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