How to load Pokecoin and buy Pokeball

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Pokecoins are the currency in the game Pokemon Go. By using this “coin”, players can easily purchase items for use while playing Pokemon GO. Most specifically, we can buy a Pokeball in the event of the “ball” running out.

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Not long ago, once guided you how to earn free PokecoinsBut for many people, waiting and accumulating little by little takes time and sometimes misses unfortunate opportunities.

Load Pokecoin buy Pokeball in Pokemon Go

If you want to quickly get a Pokeball, a good item is being prepared fighting in the gym which runs out of resuscitation items, the best is to “invest” a number of way-loaded Pokecoins.

For iPhone, iPad:

Step 1: From the main interface of the game, you click Pokeball icon in the center of the screen, and then touch the item Shop.

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Step 2: In the Shop view, scroll down to the bottom (section Pokecoins). Here you will see Pokemon Go’s catalog and forms of Pokecoins refills.

Each form of deposit will bring you a different amount of Pokecoin, of course, the “price” will not be the same. Choose an appropriate amount of Pokecoin Enter the App Store account password Enter, OK to execute.

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For devices using the Android operating system:

Step 1: Also from the main interface of the game, you do the same as above. Select an amount of Pokecoins you want to load and enter your Google Play account password.

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Enter your password and then click Buy to proceed

Step 2: Successfully loaded, this Pokecoin will be added directly to your account. Use this money to buy any items you need, or you can also use it to buy Pokeball.

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With 100 Pokecoins, players can buy 20 Pokeballs

To make sure the purchase is successful, after you make a payment, a notice (order receipt on Google Play) will be sent to your email. You can check again if you want.

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Above are the detailed instructions for loading Pokecoin into Pokemon Go on your phone. If you are not a patient person and want to quickly get named in the top players, this is probably the fastest way that you should choose.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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