How to download and play FIFA 19 on the computer

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If you are a lover of sports, especially sports games, surely you will not be missed FIFA 19top soccer game is loved all over the world. The following article will guide you how download FIFA 19 and FIFA 19 installation on the computer.

As one of the football management games in EA’s FIFA Online series, FIFA always has updates, new changes in content and gameplay to leave its biggest rival, PES 2019 behind.

How to install and play FIFA 19 on PC

Download FIFA 19

Step 1: You visit the FIFA 19 download support page, then click Download.

Download FIFA 19

Step 2: Select a download link corresponding to your game console, in this article, the writer guides you download FIFA 19 for the computer, so we will left click on the download link at the top.

Select the download link

Step 3: At this point, we will be taken to the Origin homepage, where you click on the item Try it First under. However, Origin is originally a program that allows players to buy games, download demo games (almost like Steam), so to be able to download FIFA 19 On the machine, we need to install the Origin application for the computer.

Download Origin

Origin homepage

How to download and install Origin has been done guide you in the previous article, so in this article will not repeat. Download Origin

You can use the Origin download link for your computer here and continue your work.

Origin installation

Step 4: Origin installation is complete, you log in to your Origin account and left-click My Home, select down game FIFA / FIFA 19.

Download FIFA 19 from Origin

Step 5: Do the same as when on the Origin home page, left-click as well Try it First.

Try this fisrt

Step 6: The next interface appears, you choose to enter Add to Game Library to save the game to the games list in your Origin account.

Add game to game library

Step 7: Click the left mouse button on the item Download with Origin to start downloading FIFA 19 football game.

Download FIFA 19

Step 8: From this step, we will simultaneously download FIFA 19 and set up the game so that when downloaded, we can play.

Specifically, the first will be the language selection, currently, even though we are downloading the game without changing IP or using VPN switch software, the game still does not have Vietnamese language. Should complete language selection, you click Accept to continue.

Language setting for FIFA 19

Step 9: Because the game’s size is quite heavy (after the installation will be 7.12GB), you need to pay attention to the free space of the machine as well as the location to choose to install FIFA 19.

Change installation directory by clicking Change Location, later next to continue.

Click Next

Step 10: The game will require the computer to install additional support programs, you can tick enter the item I have read and accept… later next Next to agree to install these add-ins.

Install add-ins

The rest is to wait, if your Internet connection is fast and stable enough, it probably will not take too much time.


Step 11: Wait for the game to finish downloading, left-click Download manager To open the downloaded game, click on the left mouse button Play icon below to play.

Download completed

And here is the first interface of online soccer game FIFA 19 on the computer.

Enter FIFA 19

You can click Play To get started or customize a little bit in Game Settings, then proceed to experience and see how improvements have been made compared to FIFA 18, and is it worth looking forward to?

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