How to level up quickly in Genshin Impact

Level up in Genshin Impact not an “easy” task. Here are some How to quickly upgrade when playing Genshin Impact.

How to upgrade in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact It is truly an open world game with lots of fun for you to explore from puzzles, hunt treasure, explore dungeons, fight monsters and much more. To experience them all, you need to level up your character quickly. Until you reach Adventure Rank 16, players can team up with friends. Additionally, the Battle Pass and Spiral Abyss will only be unlocked when you reach level 20.

Players also need to upgrade quickly to unlock stories, quests, and maximize character strength. Luckily, you always have a number how to quickly gain experience points while playing Genshin Impact.

How to level up quickly in Genshin Impact

Open all inventory

Open the inventory in Genshin Impact

Lots of Genshin Impact players make the mistake of ignoring regular crates and only opening super chests or higher. Each chest in the game can contain the necessary character upgrade materials such as manuals, mora and auxiliary weapons. On top of that, each crate offers players a little adventure experience.

Daily duty

Do daily quests in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a constantly refreshed daily mission system and takes just a few minutes to complete. These quests will bring you more prizes in the progression, and also a way to get items, materials and character upgrade books quickly.

You will also receive experience points for completing each mission. Conquer all 4 daily quests, then head to the Adventures Guild to receive additional rewards.

Find all 7 Statues of The Seven elemental statues

Collect the elemental statues in Genshin Impact

Find statues helps you to unlock the map, thereby easily identifying the area passed, marking questionable points and finding your way to the area with the treasure chest faster. In addition, the statues also give you generous rewards and related elemental equipment.

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By finding and upgrading statues, you will see a quick increase in experience points, especially in the early game.

Hunt for teleporters

Find the teleport points in Genshin Impact

Waypoint – The teleport point is a great way for you to save time in leveling up, especially when fighting alone. In addition, you will get 50 exp for interacting with each waypoint. Therefore, if you explore all the waypoints in the same area, you will see a significant increase in adventure points.

Another interesting thing about exploring the waypoint is that the player can unlock or enter a new area of ​​the map.

Do small tasks

Perform small quests in Genshin Impact

Small quests may not be as compelling as story or character quests, but it’s also a quick way to level up in Genshin Impact. Lots of mini-quests will grant you between 100 and 250 Adventurer points after completing the transport or fighting to defeat the local group of Hilichurls that are fighting the peace.

Some of the larger mini-quests even offer additional character upgrade items, including a Primogem to help players unlock more wishes.

The area only appears once

Fight in Genshin Impact

The first thing you should do after unlocking this area is to go through that dungeon again to gain great experience points and items for upgrades. Usually it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to get through a dungeon, so this is a quick way to gain experience points not to be missed.

Fight the boss

Hit the boss in Genshin Impact

Players can defeat several bosses per day to receive 100 experience points per match. As long as you have the right elemental team, successful monster fights only last 5 to 10 minutes. The biggest disadvantage of this method of rapid leveling in Genshin Impact is the need to use Resin to confirm the score.

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Track events

Follow the Genshin Impact event

Checking out and participating in Genshin Impact events always gives you significant experience points, even great add-ons that aren’t normally available in the game. So, do not hesitate to follow Mihoyo’s social media accounts or in-game events page every day.

Adventurer Handbook

Use the manual in Genshin Impact

Adventurer Handbook is a “gold store” of experience that you can easily gain by performing each task corresponding to each level. In some missions, players need to defeat certain bosses or create some equipment, the rest will be unlocked by playing according to the storyline.

Abyssal region

Abyssal region

There are many Abyssal areas in both Mondstadt and Liyue where players can team up with friends over and over again. Explore these areas you need to use Resin but in return, you will get 100 Adventure points and many other useful items when completing the quest.

Above are the how to quickly upgrade characters in Genshin Impact. Hope this article helps you play Genshin Impact easier.

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