Guide to top up Mini World coin by phone scratch card

Mini World is a game with the genre of free 3D sandbox, which is being loved by a lot of people today. With this game, the giver can unleash his creativity and start on an extremely attractive adventure with his friends.

However, just like in the game to have coins to buy the necessary items, players need to load coins. Therefore, today we would like to introduce a few steps coin recharge by phone card extremely simple, please follow the article.

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Guide to top up Mini World coin by phone scratch card

Step 1: To top up coins with a scratch card, first go to the website address:

Step 2: Import Account ID, password Mini World and Verification, then press the button Log in.

Sign in to your Mini World account

Step 3: After successfully signed in to your account, tap national flag symbol of the country in which you are registered to account.

Step 4: Choose payment methodsPayment will be made via card here: Viettel, Vinaphone, GATE, Anpay.

Choose a form of payment

Step 5: Import Pin code and serial number of scratch cards.

Enter Pin code and serial number

Step 6: Choose the value of scratch card, if you choose wrongly, the system will not deposit coins into your account.

Step 7: Next, press the button Send.

Select the denomination and press the Submit button

Step 8: Retype denomination of scratch cards once again.

Re-enter the face value of the scratch card

Step 9: Finally, when the card is loaded successfully, the system will send you a notice.

Wish you all success!

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