Free Fire: Instructions on some very useful “hack” cars

Huong dan hack xe free fire 700 - Emergenceingame

In Garena Free Fire, players can use car vehicles in many unique and strange ways. The following article will guide you on a number of ways to “hack” the car without the need for 3rd party software.

Huong dan hack xe free fire 700 - Emergenceingame

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Free Fire: Instructions on some very useful “hack” cars

1. Cars fly in the air

First, direct your car into a house and drive towards it. Press the nitro button to accelerate until the car lifts vertically. Next, wait for Nitro’s cooldown and hit it again. When the car is in the air, just push the button Get Out and your vehicle will hover and stand still in the air. Note to press the Get Out button at the right time.

2. Driving underground

To do this tip, first go to a beach area. Then disconnect your connection until the ping reaches over 999 and plunges the vehicle into the ocean. Next, turn on the Internet connection and press the Get Out button repeatedly. After getting out of the car, swim back to it and get in the driver’s seat. At this time, the car will run underground, no one can see you anymore.

3. Climb the car to the top of the tower

Bimasakti Tower is a tower with the largest height Free Fire. Try to climb it by driving the car to the base of the tower, then keep spamming the Jump button until you reach the air. Then, press the Glider button to dash up the tower. Do it correctly or you will have to start over.

4. Use your car to climb the tree

This is actually a very easy trick to do. Ordinary players cannot climb trees, however you can use a car, drive to the stump and form a bridge to easily climb the tree.

5. Hide the vehicle inside the rock

Try hiding your vehicle in a rock by driving on top of a rock. Then, press the Home button to go out to your phone’s desktop and remove Free Fire from the background app. Finally, reopen the game and you will see your car inside the rock.

Wish you all success!

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