How to install and play Than Mobile on PC

Cai va choi Than Khuc Mobile tren PC 640 - Emergenceingame

One of the most engaging strategy RPG masterpiece comes from NPH Gamota, a game masterpiece that captivates the hearts of people and occupies a high position on the mobile game rankings – Than Khuc Mobile.

If you love this kind of game and want to play Than Mobile but don’t want to install it on your phone, use the Android emulator to install Than Mobile on your PC.

How to download and install Than Mobile on your computer

Some suggestions for computer emulators that you can use are NoxPlayer, LDPlayer or Genymotion. In this article, the writer uses my favorite emulator Nox to guide you.

Step 1: You start the emulator, from the main interface, select the left mouse button Google and select next on the icon of CH Play.

The main interface of the Nox emulator

Step 2: Play Store appears, enter the keyword is the game name in the search bar and press Enter to search if no results appear. Or if below, you can directly click on the results below to download.

Search for game Spirit Mobile

Step 3: Left click Install to start the installation, and at the same time select Accept to agree to certain game conditions.

Agree to the terms of Than Mobile

Step 4: Wait a few minutes for the game installation to complete, then click Open to open the game and play now, if you want.

Click Open to play Than Mobile game

Step 5: At the first interface of the game, you choose one of the built-in account types to login (or register, if not yet) to play Than Khuc Mobile on the emulator.

Login account to play Than Mobile

Video instructions to install Than Mobile on the computer

How to play Than Mobile on emulator

To be able to play Than Mobile on your computer, you need to log into your Google account, personal Facebook or Gamota account. If you want to play fast, you can choose to enter Play right.

Players are entitled to choose one of three original character classes Warrior – Sorcerer – Like Guests to experience the game.

Choose the character to play Than Mobile on the computer

At the same time, you can click on the name display to change a different name for the character or choose Into the game to use the default game name.

Name the character in God Mobile

Players will be instructed to manipulate newcomers in the first 10 levels of the game to get acquainted, then you can experience it yourself with this great advance game on PC.

Pet in the fairytale game Mobile

Video how to play Than Mobile on the computer

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