PUBG Mobile: Everything you need to know about AWM

Thông tin về súng AWM trong PUBG

AWM is a legendary sniper weapon dreamed of by many PUBG players. Here it is information and how to find AWM in PUBG / PUBG Mobile.

Information about AWM guns in PUBG

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Shooting down enemies from a distance is a difficult task for many PUBG and PUBG Mobile players. This is when we need to fear AWM’s help.

What is AWM in PUBG / PUBG Mobile?

AWM stands for Arctic Warfare Magnum with an original design based on some British Armed Forces sniper weapons models in the 1980s. It is named L96A1 when it was first introduced into the game. After a few tweaks, this gun becomes more and more flexible in different combat conditions. In addition to dealing damage, AWM is also loved for its ease of use and scalability.

The divine sniper gun in PUBG

In survival shooters, most mid-battle tactics are useful as long as you have a sniper rifle and nothing stronger than AWM – the magic sniper weapon in PUBG games. When it comes to attacking enemies at long range or when the death circle is closing, AWM simply shows its dominance on the battlefield, only able to “one shot, one kill” – one hit. The opponent is wearing a level 3 helmet.

Obviously, AWM is much more efficient late-game if the player knows how to control its downsides. For example, AWM is combined with .300 Magnum ammunition, so you should equip this weapon with an 8x Scope to turn it into a Grim Sniper.

AWM has a high damage stat in PUBG

AWM stats in PUBG / PUBG Mobile

AWM has base damage of 120, higher than Kar 98 (only 78). The initial ammo speed of the AWM was 945 m / s with a body effect of 40,000.

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The small downside of AWM in PUBG is that it’s hard to find. Because it is a high damage weapon you can only find it in the supply tanks and the ammo is also limited, only 20 rounds per barrel. PUBG AWM guns have maximum damage and impact range unchanged with in-game tweaks and configurations. It is described as a “sniper monster” as the name suggests.

Best sniper weapons in PUBG and PUBG Mobile

Here are some of the basic stats of AWM in PUBG games:

Power 100/100
Recoil 35/100
Range 100/100
Rate of fire 4/100
Weapon type Sniper
Bearing size 5
Ammo type 300 Magnum

Accessories for AWM in PUBG / PUBG Mobile


  • Expansion magazine (DMR, SR)
  • Expansion and quick change bearing (DMR, SR)
  • Quick change magazine (DMR, SR)


  • Shock-reducing barrel (DMR, SR)
  • Spark core (DMR, SR)
  • Silencer barrel (DMR, SR)

Location of AWM found in PUBG / PUBG Mobile

  • AWM is not available as a standard spawn item on the map. You can only find it in Airdrop and Flare Drop. They are usually transported to an airplane play area, often falling near the center of that area. So, you need to move and come here to get AWM.
  • AWM attachments in PUBG can be found anywhere on the map.
  • AWM is available in Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok in PUBG / PUBG Mobile.

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