How does hand sweat while playing games affect your game consoles?

Hand sweat while playing games has always been an annoyance for gamers who have suffered from this body feature. Light and temporary effects are slippery buttons, analog when you are controlling, and long-term effects will make your gaming device worse: PS4 controller is glossy and concave at the contact position. hands, hand-held game consoles whose paint was corroded due to perspiration, some handheld game consoles were damaged due to the wet condition.

sweat your hands while playing games

So how to overcome the above situation? Let nShop learn 3 ways ‘fire fighting’ Fast but effective offline!

To sweat when playing games does not damage gaming devices: Buy controller covers or cases for the device

This is a simple way to protect your game console or controller if you are the type of sweaty hand that does not affect the inside of electronic components. Instead of letting your hands sweat while playing games corrode the case of the console, dyeing the controller’s ball, there is a quick and quick solution: Buy a case / handle cover to protect it.

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On the PS4 controller there is a product that covers the Dualshock silicon. Although it will be a bit uncomfortable and uncomfortable to hold, you will see the difference as soon as 3 months if the house has 2 handles and compare 1 hand with a handle, 1 uncoated one.

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Particularly for handheld game consoles like Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, you can easily find cum grip cases to protect the back of the machine from scratches while also minimizing corrosion from sweat.

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If you think it doesn’t matter much about appearance then consider again because of the long-term contact between your hand and the camera body, some electronic components of handheld handheld game consoles. (which components are more fragile than consoles) will easily corrode inside like moisture – in mild water.

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Cool hands regularly to reduce hand sweat while playing games

For people who suffer from sweaty hands while playing games, frequent hand washing is very good. When the sweat secretes too much, wash it off and dry afterwards. Be sure to use water without soap, because they will dry out the skin of your hands when cleaning continuously.

The student washes his hand when playing the game clean

Some hand sanitizers contain alcohol (not antibacterial) It is very helpful in reducing this when you are unable to go out. A small towel or tissue is also a good idea for getting rid of hand perspiration quickly – in situations where you are playing intense, but sweaty hands while playing games produces too much.

When you sweat a lot while playing games, relax your body and relax

The stress during gaming is one of the reasons why sweat is secreted more. Peak when killing tough bosses to play over and over again, when you are ‘eat onions’ the more sweaty hands when playing the game, the more secret it is. To reduce this situation, the only way is to relax yourself, find solutions to eliminate stress like pause game and step out to wash your face, eat some fruit to relax, talk to someone. Then in the house then go back to the arena.

Relax after playing the game

Remember even normal people who do not suffer from sweaty hands when playing games, but if you play with a week of continuous frequency and intense stress focusing on solving the problem of the game, you will still sweat!

Hope the 3 tips above will help you somewhat in solving the discomfort of playing games with sweaty hands. And most importantly, in the long run, your use will not affect your device damage!

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