How to get rewarded “Secret Profile” in the game Campaign Legend

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“Secret Profile” is one of the special hidden features and extremely interesting in the game Legendary Campaign. Not only provides players with interesting stories, but this is also an extremely valuable “store” of bonuses that cannot be ignored when playing the Legendary Campaign on the computer.

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Since there is no newcomer code for new players to receive a Giftcode, gifts like this will not only give players confidence, but it will actually help them play better in the initial challenges.

The way to receive the reward from “Secret Profile” can be roughly understood that we will have to read the stories available in the game and look for the secret gifts, hidden under the “keywords”. Specifically:

  • Players will have access to the reading part of the game, there are two parts, each with many different chapters. The player’s task is to read the chapters one by one to search for a “keyword”. This “keyword” can be a green word, paragraph or line (normal black text).
  • Tap on that keyword to receive a gift from the story chapter. Each chapter contains a unique gift and cannot claim twice per chapter per game account.

Step 1: You guys access THIS PAGE, This is the main interface of “Story”.

Home page "secret file"

Then scroll down and choose any story chapter. It is best to choose one at a time so as not to be mistaken or omitted.

Choose a chapter
Choose a story chapter to read and “receive gifts”

Step 2: You can read the story if you want, or you can scroll quickly to find keywords and receive gifts.

Chapter content

It is very easy to recognize that keyword with a color that stands out from the other words, touch it to receive a gift.

Hidden code
Tap on a blue keyword to receive a gift

Step 3: A new interface will appear as below, however, to specify which account the system will send bonuses, Legendary Campaign requires you to Enter character ID in the frame Receiving gifts.

Enter an ID

Step 4: You access your game account. From the main interface, touch settings icon in the upper left corner of the screen (serrated shape).

The main interface of the game

Step 5: Game installation information.

Installation interface

Scroll down to find Other settings and touch the item Click here to copy OpenID. If the word “Copied“means success. You can temporarily paste this character ID to another location to use it.

Copy ID
Copy the character ID from the game’s settings

Step 6: Go back to the reading page where we need to enter the game ID, paste ID and receive gift.

Paste ID

Click Next OK in the next message appears.


The keyword can be one word or an entire paragraph, and is usually green in color.

The code is hidden in chapter 2

After the system verifies that your ID has never received a gift in this chapter, the gift will be placed in the character’s inventory. There are things that will be received right away, but also things that will arrive a bit slower.

Bonus prize Reward
Extremely valuable gifts will be in the story chapters

This is the way to get on a computer, however, you can also use your mobile device to access manga and receive this bonus.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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