How to shoot guns in Crossfire Legends

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Guns and snipers in Crossfire Legends in particular or in any shooting game in general are also scary weapons, causing a lot of terror and having the highest level of damage. But in contrast, the sniper rifle in CF Mobile is also the most difficult to use.

Sniper rifles

As mentioned, when playing CF Legends, players need and should equip their characters with weapons to ensure they use the most familiar weapons. In the post instructions to equip weapons when the game CF Mobile have instructed you in great detail how to choose and replace weapons in the backpacks. You can take a look if you do not know how to do it.

How to use snipers effectively in Crossfire Legends

Step 1: Once you have selected a gun to play the game, unlike other guns, when you start entering, the player will not see the bull’s eye (because it is not in fact).

Start playing

Step 2: Now, we click Fire icon (bullet shape) and hold, immediately the play screen will change as shown below. The majority of the screen will display black, only a bright circle and red rose-pink will appear.

Turn on the crosshair

Step 3: Still keep your hand on the bullet icon, if you release it, the character will automatically “release the bullet”. At this point, it is necessary to have your ingenuity and experience in shooting games, because it will need to combine both hands to move the character while moving the mind to shoot at the opponent and then release to shoot.

We can use some of the symbols below to combine with playing CF Lengends with a sniper rifle:

  • No. 1: Fire icon (press and hold on it to turn on the mind, move the hand to move the mind).
  • No. 2: Change weapons (only weapons in the current backpack, main gun – pistol – dagger).
  • Number 3: Replace bullets.

Customizable icons

Notes to know when using a sniper rifle in CF Mobile game:

1. How to put the gun center:

Sniper rifles are guns that can inflict the highest amount of damage “one shot”. As long as one bullet hits, the opponent will be destroyed or “red blooded” instantly. So when fighting this weapon, the biggest caveat, is NEVER to be taken too seriously.

Of course, headshot is always what makes us feel excited, but high mind, small goals also mean miss rate (missed shot) is very high. Especially in Crossfire Legends, can not aim x2 like other games and even in aiming mode, with a long distance, it is not easy to hit the head.

Ideally, keep an eye on the opponent’s body (the distance from the neck to the waist), with this goal, you can still 1 shot 1 kill with a very high hit rate.

How to shoot
Always place the crosshair on the opponent’s body for best effect

2. Cartridges:

The shotgun magazine is very small (only 10 tablets), so during the confrontation, you must pay close attention to the remaining ammunition, because the time to change bullets of sniper rifles is also longer than normal guns.

3. Pay attention to the blood:

Never forget that our character will die if it runs out of blood so pay attention to his HP bar, when it turns red, it’s best to be careful.


4. Use more pistols:

HP amount character’s maximum (HP) is only 100, while 1 shot on the leg from the sniper rifle also takes you from 82-97 health, the second shot is unnecessary and sometimes gives others. Assembly to Hotels (robbed of lives), affecting his or her performance. Now choose quickly Gun change icon, and using a pistol to finish off the opponent is always a top priority.

If you ever play Half-Life Then you will see, 100% players use it 46 are all 13 (sniper rifle and silver hex) and changes to green when the opponent is red. So, learn how to change guns quickly and use pistols fluently.

Change guns
Combine aim and pistol for better game play

5. Never try to shoot 2 shots at once:

The strength of the sniper rifle is that it can attack and destroy the enemy from a distance, even when killed, they don’t even know where the bullet came from. But the sniper rifle’s deadly weakness is the interval between shots. After each hit will take some time to “heal”, at this point if you are exposed and the enemy has not fallen, it is best to move, change position or draw the next attack (advantage over health ).

If you try to wait for the second broadcast, during that time, it is very likely that the person being defeated will be yourself.


If you are familiar with this weapon, make sure your battles will be safer, faster and the kill rate is always in the top, even if your level is not equal to anyone.

Don’t believe? See the picture below, personal writer (Mr.July) only level 5 and with a few tricks like above, has the highest kill rate, holding the flag, reaching ACE out of the rest of the team.

A sniper rifle’s top ability is always absolute if you know how to play effectively

Ratio Annihilated / Annihilated It’s worth showing off like this. Who else steals your ACE when shooting like this?


That is just one of many tips to play CF Legends that wants to introduce to you. There are many other experiences, other sharing is being done, please pay attention to the next post b!

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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