How to earn free gems in Rise of Kingdoms

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Gems are special currencies in Rise of Kingdoms (Rise of Civilizations).. You can use them in a variety of ways to improve your game experience. And luckily, earning free gems in RoC is not too difficult, so you can actually play this game without spending real money to enjoy some of the advanced features.

This article will guide you how to earn more Gems in Rise of Kingdoms, free without breaking the law.

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How to earn Gem in Rise of Kingdoms

Link your game account to Facebook

Linking a RoC account with Facebook is optional. However, this action will bring you unexpected benefits. That’s 200 free Gems.

Link RoC to your Facebook account

To link accounts, tap your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen, then click Settings. Here, press the button Facebook to link accounts and receive prizes.

In addition, if “Like us on Facebook”, You will also get a few gems when you like the Rise of Civilizations Facebook fangpage.

Complete mission

Sometimes, completing the main story quest you will get a lot of Gems. Therefore, keep an eye on these quests and complete them as soon as possible.

One of the many Gem bonus missions is to upgrade the Headquarter building. If opening a new era, you can also get more Gems.

Complete daily goals

If you complete all the daily goals and reach 100 points, you will unlock the last chest in the Daily Objectives tab, including a few free gems.

Defeat the Barbarian

Defeating these villains on the world map gives you the opportunity to earn more Gems.

Although attacking Barbarian fortress also gives you Gem, but it is quite costly. Therefore, it is best to focus on hitting regular Barbarians.

Defeat the villains in RoC

Special event

Rise of Civilizations always organizes special events, most of them to give you Gem packs. So keep an eye on all events and join them if possible.

Also, do not hesitate to check the mailbox because the developer will most likely give you Gem after the game maintenance period.

Gem mine

Gem mining in RoC

Finally, you will be allowed to unlock Jewelry research in the Academy. After researching this technology, you will be able to mine Gem mines on the map. They are scarce and not much but free and can be mined by minions, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Get more Gem when buying

Purchase a special Gem pack in Rise of Kingdoms

In the end, though not really how to earn Gem in Rise of Kingdom for free because you have to spend a little money but it’s still worth mentioning.

Often using real money to buy items in Rise of Kingdoms always gives you the opportunity to earn lots of great rewards. These can be free Gems or extremely valuable items.

Be sure to carefully check these options and do these every day as most of them are sold in limited quantities per day. Quantity will be reset daily.

So, if you’re going to spend money in the game Rise of Kingdoms, let’s make a schedule, this is how to earn gems in Rise of Kingdom in bulk quickly. Just look at all offers and click on the one that best suits you.

In general, you can get a lot of Gems in Rise of Kingdoms by different ways. They can make it easier for you to increase your VIP level or buy from a trader. Above are some how to earn Gem in Rise of Kingdoms Simple for everyone. If you know any other way, please share with readers offline!

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