Guide to check PUBG PC and Mobile rank

Usually, if you want to check your rank in PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile then gamers need to log into the game. However, in the following article will guide you how to not have to waste time on the game and still see the rank level as well as very detailed character parameters.

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Guide to check PUBG PC and Mobile rank

First you visit the page Enter your character’s name in the Enter box Battlegrounds User Name, then press Enter.

Check rank, single rank and other ranks such as solo mode FPP, Duo, Squad FPP … with general information about the character such as winrate rate, top 10 rate, headshot number, KDA level. ..

Scroll down to check the details about your character. The player’s matches will also be shown in detail about the time, the number of kills, the rank, the amount of damage … extremely specific for the player to know.


In addition, you can also see the information of the players with you in that match by pressing the arrow button at the end of the line. The information of other players is also displayed in an overview, but if you want to see the details of that person, you just need to click on their name to be able to see.

Note that the rankings on this web page are refreshed every few minutes, so you can see almost instantly match information such as skydiving position, navigation on the map, and location. the mind was knocked out … right after it ended.

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Wish you all success!

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