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A Battle Royale version of the Modern Warfare tactical shooter called Call Of Duty Warzone Just released for free a few days ago, the predecessor version also has its own control shortcut system to help players quickly perform operations, saving time, which is essential for survival games.

In today’s post, Taimienphi will summarize some Call of Duty Warzone game shortcuts for readers, using the keyboard and mouse in the default settings makes the player Call of Duty Warzone convenient operation, change items or weapons faster without taking much time.

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Summary of Call of Duty Warzone game control shortcuts

Call of Duty Warzone game shortcut moves

– W: Move forward

– S: Move backwards

– A: Move to the left

– D: Move to the right

– H: Automatically go forward

– F: Open or close a door, certain item

– Space (spacebar): Jump or open parachute

– Left Ctrl: Crawling

– C: Move hunched over

– Left Shift: Run fast

– T: Ping a location on the map

– K: Participate in a Killstreak

Call of Duty Warzone action game shortcut

– Left Mouse: Shoot
– Right Mouse: Aim closely at a specific target tiêu
– R: Change ammo
– Key 1 or Roll up: Change to next weapon
– Key 2 or Roll down: Change to previous weapon
– G: Turn off the roller key
– B: Change shooting mode
– E: The act of attacking the opponent from behind when approaching
– N: Put on/Remove night vision goggles
– Tab: View map
– F2 or F3: Pause/Continue the match
– Key -: Opens the console toolbar

Similar to tactical shooters like Dota Underlords, Garena Free Fire, PUBG PC … and some other games, gamers can change the Call of Duty Warzone shortcut by going to the section. Settings select settings Keyboard & Mouse, set up for the most convenient.

If in the process of experiencing the game Call of Duty Warzone, there are some cases such as lag, FPS drop or game crashing. Please refer to Call Of Duty Warzone PC game configuration See if your computer meets all the requirements. Wish you happy gaming.
In addition, you can refer to How to set up Call of Duty Warzone footsteps to be able to move in the most effective and secret way., avoid being heard by the opponent.

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