How to change the voice in PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS

How to change the voice in PUBG Mobile is a question that many people are interested in. Let’s go to to find the answer!

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PUBG Mobile has a number of voice settings, allowing players to communicate with teammates and send them messages when not using the mic. Here it is Instructions for changing voices in PUBG Mobile detailed step by step.

How to change the voice in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile allows players to change the voice in the game and text messages when not using voice chat. After that, you can send your teammates some information about enemy locations, warnings or shelter … PUBG Mobile has 3 groups of notifications, including Tactics – Tactics, Movement – Movement and Discussion – Discussion.

Table of Tactics in PUBG Mobile

Tactics: Announcing action or tactics to teammates. There are many tactical messages available here that you can use when you turn off your mic.

Movement in PUBG Mobile

Movement: Announce the direction of the enemy’s movement or movement to a teammate, for example, alert a teammate to a safe place with you or leave a position where the enemy is approaching.

Discussion in PUBG Mobile

Discussion: Have a lot of discussion announcements available and let others know when supplies are received or when the enemy is under siege.

In addition, PUBG Mobile has 6 different groups of voices. If you are playing a normal character, you can use the default or classic voice. These two groups have the same announcement as all 3 groups mentioned above. However, they sound different, so they also give you a lot of different emotions.

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Table of change messages in PUBG Mobile

4 other groups of voices belong to special characters in the game. They have their own announcements and great unique voices.

Change character voice in PUBG Mobile

How to change character voice in PUBG Mobile

To use the character’s voice in PUBG Mobile, you need to play with that special character. For example, if you want to hear Sara’s wonderful Thai girl voice, you need to switch to just using that female character. Do this in Inventory or Workshop.

Change character PUBG Mobile

If you change a character in the Inventory, just go to the Inventory and tap the button in the lower left corner. Then you will see a button Switch Character in the left corner of the phone screen. Tap on it and select the character you want to use in the pop-up window by clicking the button Use. Make sure you have unlocked that character.

Choose character PUBG Mobile

If using the Workshop, go to the workshop Character and choose the character you want to use. In addition, you can also check the character’s unlocked notification in the voice section under the Emote section in the right feature bar.

Change character PUBG Mobile character

To unlock a character’s special message, you can use it Character Shard for 10UC / shard. You can pay with UC or collect this item from in-game events. In addition, you can also unlock the character’s notification through the upgrade.

PUBG Mobile character upgrade

Setting up and changing voices in PUBG Mobile on Android & iOS

PUBG Mobile players can change voices in Inventory. This item is available Character Setting in Vehicle. Then tap on the microphone button, you will see the voice settings there. There are two types of notifications in the game, including Wheel and List.

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Wheel: Only 8 messages are selected out of 3 groups created in a circle.

Change character voice in PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS

List: You can choose more notifications to use in the game.

List of special announcements of characters in the game PUBG Mobile

Next, click the button Change yellow for scrolling or adding notifications to the list. Choose one from the list on the right (choose default, classic or character voice notification). Next, tap the plus icon to add it. Finally, click the button OK to save changes.

Select the message you want to add to your character's list

When using a special character, you can use all of his / her default, classic or unique voices. Voice settings on PUBG Mobile for Android & iOS similar to each other.

The above is How to change character voices in PUBG Mobile. Hope the article will make your game more interesting.

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