Things you need to know about PUBG LITE Pass

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PUBG Lite is currently available globally as an Open Beta version, with the release of the Open Beta, the developers have added a few new features in PUBG Lite and the Season Pass system is one of them. The corresponding bonus is similar to PUBG Mobile.

Season Pass in PUBG Lite is called Lite Pass. In today’s post, we’ll discuss in detail how to get Lite Pass and how they work, as well as the rewards players can get upon completion.

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Seasonal reward event system

How long is the PUBG Lite Pass valid for?

The season of PUBG Lite Pass has started from August 8 and it will continue until October 10. The period of time for players to pass and receive rewards from Lite Pass will end on October 3. From October 3 to October 10, players can collect rewards based on the progress they have made in the game. If anyone does not receive their rewards by October 10, they will no longer be able to claim any of the rewards for this season.

How much does PUBG Lite Pass cost?

There are two types of PUBG Lite Pass that are Premium and Premium Plus. Premium Pass costs 400 L-Coins and Premium Plus costs 1000 L-Coins (L-Coin is a shortened form of Lite Coin. This is the premium currency of PUBG Lite that players will have to use real money to get. Okay). The actual cost of 400 L-Coins of 10$ will be around 700 INR and 1000 L-Coins will cost 25$, which will be around 1800 INR.

What are the benefits? Lite Pass Rewards

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Lite Pass Rewards

The Season Pass comes with a host of benefits, Lite Pass owners will get access to a number of exclusive rewards. With leveling up through the Lite Pass, players will unlock premium rewards ranging from L-Coins to skins, items, and other boosts. Lite Pass holders will also have access to some additional missions and challenges to progress much faster in the game. However, if any player gets Premium Plus, they get 25 levels completely free in Lite Pass.

If you play PUBG Lite regularly and are willing to throw some money to collect premium rewards then Lite Pass could be a good option, instead of buying crates to open. However, if you are a player who is not too bothered about collecting gun skins and costumes, this is not the right choice.
In addition to launching the global Open Bate version, PUBG Lite also brings a completely new Team Deathmatch game mode, if you are a fan of the survival shooter genre, the content cannot be ignored. PUBG Lite 8/8 update Our readers wish you a happy gaming.

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