How to fix Wireless Router error, Wifi transmitter is faulty

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Fix faulty Wireless Router, Wifi transmitters in your home or on your company to help people access the internet, surf the web, Facebook normally. So what is the cause and how to fix it? Please follow the content in the article.

If the common WiFi error and the fix comes from the Internet connection, on the contrary, the faulty WiFi transmitter is a hardware problem. Common WiFi errors can be fixed simply by following the tips that have been guided by As for the Wireless Router error, a faulty WiFi transmitter is more serious, most likely users will have to change a new Router if this situation is encountered. A small tip of to distinguish common WiFi errors and how to fix them with Router errors is to try plugging the network cable directly into your laptop or computer to try. If the Internet connection is still in normal use when plugging the network cable into the computer, it means that your router has a problem. So how to distinguish where the WiFi transmitter is faulty, and how to fix the Wireless Router error, the Wifi transmitter is faulty. Don’t worry, Taimien will list all the causes and ways to fix the error of Wireless Router, faulty Wifi transmitter for you.

How to fix Wireless Router, Wifi transmitter error:

1. Restart the modem to fix the Wireless Router error, the Wifi transmitter is faulty.

The first thing users need to do when they see the Internet connection is suddenly stopped is to restart the Modem. Normally, the modem is used with continuous frequency, so the conflict that causes the Wireless Router to have no network occurs often. To fix the Wireless Router error, please restart the Modem by pressing the Power button and open it again.

how to fix bad wifi router

When restarting the modem, you need to log in to the wifi modem to reset your wifi network name and password, most accounts, the default wifi modem login password is admin, admin

2. Check modem temperature to fix Wireless Router, Wifi transmitter is faulty.

High temperature is also the cause of modem failure. You can check quickly by holding the modem to see the temperature. If the modem is too hot, unplug the modem power outlet as well as the network cable. Let the modem rest for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then turn on the Wireless Router and connect to the network.

How to fix a wireless router with bad wifi 2

3. Check the network cable to fix the Wireless Router error, the Wifi transmitter is faulty

Another cause of Internet problems is the network cable. Cable lines used for a long time can be broken and affect the speed and ability of Internet transmission. Therefore, you should check the network wire to see if it is broken in any part or not. If broken, replace the network cable with a new one to fix the Wireless Router error, the Wifi transmitter is faulty.

How to fix a wireless router with bad wifi 3

4. Review the location, antenna of the Wireless Router

The location of the Wireless Router, the Wifi transmitter or the direction of the antenna also affects the transmission. You should place the Wireless Router in an open location, avoid placing it close to the edge of the wall or in a closed room that will affect the coverage of WiFi. Large metals or other streaming devices can also affect WiFi transmission.

How to fix a wireless router with bad wifi 4

5. Reset Router to fix Wireless Router error, Wifi transmitter is faulty

Finally, if the above methods do not work, you should Reset your Wireless Router. Most routers have a Reset button hidden inside. You must use a small pin or toothpick to poke the Reset hole on the back of the Modem. Press and hold for about 5 seconds for the Router to restart, when the Power light flashes, the Router has been restarted. You just need to remove the gim and reinstall the configuration on the computer.

How to fix a wireless router with bad wifi 5

Performing 5 ways to fix Wireless Router errors, Wifi transmitters are faulty above, you will completely fix the error on the Router. If the problem is not resolved, the router is most likely damaged, you can take it in for warranty or buy a new Wireless Router.

In the 5th way, after resetting users need to configure WiFi settings to continue using the Internet. Just follow the simple way to configure WiFi settings and you will have a completely new WiFi address. In the WiFi configuration installation guide, there is a section to create a WiFi account name and password, so you should set a password to protect your connection. Too many people accessing WiFi will slow down the Internet speed and cause lag.

To secure your wifi, you should regularly change your wifi password, replace wifi password with difficult passwords, how to change wifi password with different modems have been detailed by us.

For those of you using Viettel modem, please refer to how to change Viettel wifi password to know your account, login password and change Viettel wifi password correctly and most effectively.

Rushing home to do a mobile game, suddenly you find out that WiFi is not on the network but your 4G is out, what to do now. Don’t think about abandoning it and running to top up the 20K card in a hurry because the errors that prevent wifi from connecting to the network are many, but not difficult to identify and how to fix the error is very easy.

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