How to rename Youtube channel, change URL quickly

If your Youtube channel has not been set up with a name that is easy to remember, please refer to how to create and change the name of your Youtube channel, the path of your YouTube channel that shares below.

Normally, when you first start up, your youtube channel will have the following form.

If you leave the link to the channel like that, it will be difficult to remember and difficult to share. Therefore, you should change the Youtube channel name to fix this problem.

Rename youtube channel, change Youtube channel path

Step 1: From the Youtube channel, you access the section Settings as below.

I change my youtube channel fast

Step 2: At the card Overview you click on the option Advanced.

change the path of youtube

Step 3: Click the button Create custom URLs.

change youtube channel

Here you enter the new Youtube channel path. Such as the address as below.
Thus, has just introduced to you how to rename a Youtube channel, change the Youtube channel path in the simplest way. Currently, because too many want to change the link, Google also gives the terms, the most important thing is that the channel must have more than 500 followers and more than 30 days old to change, so you need to be careful in the process. perform. Also if you want to delete, please refer to how to delete youtube channel that we have provided

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