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If you are using the old version of Google Chrome browser, there will probably be a case of “Google Chrome updates are disabled by the administrator” error when updating on Google Chrome. So how to fix the error Google Chrome cannot update as above, please refer to the article below of

Google Chrome is the leading browser today with many excellent features, however, with any program or software, no matter how good, there is a possibility of errors. Fixing the error that Google Chrome cannot update is not too complicated through a few tweaks in the Registry Editor, although this is a rather annoying error that takes a lot of time for users to find a way to fix it.

fix google chrome can't update


Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + CHEAP . On the Run window type regedit and Enter to enter the Registry Editor window.

Google chrome updates are disabled by the administrator

Step 2: On the Registry Editor window, find the key. Update follow the following path:


fix google chrome does not update

Step 3: In the right pane, you will see a value named UpdateDefault . Double click or right click select Modify… into this value.

can't fix google chrome

Step 4: On the small window Edit Update Default value you fix 0 into numbers first in the box Value data and press OK . This will help you re-enable the update function on Google Chrome.

can't fix google chrome

Then you can close the Registry Editor window and use the update function on Google Chrome.

Thus, has completed a guide to help you fix the error that Google Chrome cannot update when displaying the command line “”Google chrome updates are disabled by the administrator”. other errors like error could not update successfully or error Flash Player stops suddenly on Google Chrome, in which error flash player stops suddenly on Chrome the most common occurrence and the most frequent users
As you know, Flash today is gradually being replaced by HTML5. Resource-consuming, poor security is also the reason why Chrome becomes slow in some cases, so to use Chrome more smoothly, you should turn off flash on Chrome. Good luck !

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