How to fix, fix “IP Looking Up” error in Garena Plus

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Garena makes it possible for you to compete with players around the world. However, there will be times when you will encounter an “IP Looking Up” error message, so how to fix this situation. Stay tuned for our next post.

Garena Plus allows players to compete with other players based on a virtual LAN emulator environment, with a multi-functional platform, players perform other communication functions such as chat, challenge, send resources. whether… But sometimes it still can’t get in due to the IP Looking Up error and here’s how to fix it.

fix ip looking up on garena plus

Garena Plus – How to fix and fix the “IP Looking Up” error

If you find it difficult to overcome this situation, using Hamachi is also a good method for you, the latest Hamachi software will support you to play games over the network with your friends. In addition, you should use Garenal Total to be able to support access and connect players more easily on Garena, In addition, you can also refer to Garena Total, this is the version that is loved by many people today, Garenal Total latest version supports many features

How to fix, fix “IP Looking Up” error in Garena Plus

Case 1: Error due to installed version or network:

You should first remove the Garena Plus software if it makes an error, then download the latest version to install, restart the computer and check the situation again, restart the Modem if necessary. recommends downloading and regularly updating versions of Garena, download the latest version here: Garena

Case 2: Error due to user configuration file in system settings:

Step 1: Navigate to the Garena Plus installation directory, the default path will be C:Program FilesGarenaPlusRoom -> Right click and choose Open With ->Notepad for the file user.

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Step 2: After opening the user with notepad.desk as shown below, edit “udp=1514” and “used=1”. Finally save (Ctrl + WILL) and check. But to save, you must turn off all messages related to this application.

khac phuc fix loi ip loking up trong garena plus 2 - Emergenceingame

Conclusion: The above are all directions to solve Garena Plus related problems that you can apply to overcome this situation. Hope to help you while using this application. In addition, when playing games to be smoother, you can also improve by using Game Booter, according to the online community, Game Booster is an application that has a great effect on speed and smoothness when playing games.
In addition, in the process of removing Garena from the computer, if you encounter an error that is missing the GGSPAWN.dll file, you can also refer to the article. fix GGSPAWN.dll error when uninstalling Garena by

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