What privileges does VIP 3 Legendary Fighter have? how many diamonds to load to VIP 3

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As soon as legendary fighter players have achieved VIP 2 they can now upgrade to VIP 3 to receive the latest perks. So what privileges do VIP 3 Legendary Fighters have? How many diamonds do players have to deposit to get to VIP 3?… The following article will give some information to answer this question.

What is VIP? VIP is one of the ways to upgrade players in Legend of Chien Chi – one of the hottest games today that simulates the fierce, colorful space war with … hard to resist. Show player Legendary Fighter was able to upgrade to VIP 3 with new privileges such as: Reward 1 Chest with 3 Stars, 1 more Adventure per day, receive 300 Diamonds, 30,000 Gold…

What privileges does VIP 3 Legendary Fighter have?

Up to now players can upgrade to VIP 3. Just like VIP 2 or enter the fighter code, when players upgrade to VIP 3 they will receive all the privileges of the previous VIP level. plus new perks. Specifically, VIP 3 privileges include VIP 2 privileges and VIP 1 privileges.

VIP 3 Legendary Fighters, VIP 3 Legendary Heroes

In there:

– VIP privilege 1: Increases max Mana by 20, Reduces Ultimate Bomb cooldown by 5s, Bought 1 extra respawn

– VIP privilege 2: Including VIP 1 + Daily bonus 1 equipment, One more energy purchase per day, One more BOSS Hunting time

– VIP privilege 3: including VIP Privilege 1 + VIP Privilege 2 + Bonus 1 Equipment Chest 3 Stars log in every day, 1 Extra Adventure per day

What privileges does VIP 3 Legendary Fighter have?
Detailed statistics table of VIP privileges of Legendary Fighter 3 when players upgrade

“Daily 3-Star Equip Chest” will be obtained the next day after successfully activating VIP 3.

In addition, players also receive 300 Diamonds, 30,000 Gold, 20 Ultimate Bombs when upgrading to VIP 3 by loading diamonds. So how many diamonds do you have to deposit to get to VIP 3?

How many diamonds to top up to VIP 3?

With VIP 1 player has to load 60 Diamonds, VIP 2 has 300 Diamonds, so how much is VIP 3? Players can see that the number of diamonds needed to upgrade VIP 2 is 5 times higher than VIP 1, so to upgrade to VIP 3 the number of diamonds the player needs to be 5 times VIP 2 or not?

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To upgrade to VIP 3 from VIP 2, players only need to load 300 Diamonds, from VIP 1 to VIP 3 are 530 Diamonds, without VIP need to load 600 Diamonds to upgrade; so that players can “transition” go straight from no VIP to VIP 3 without having to upgrade… slowly in common sense. To have 600 Diamonds, players can top up their accounts, if you don’t know how to top up Legendary Warriors, you can refer to them before doing so. Besides upgrading VIP you can also use gift codes by getting Battleship Code legends and activate them.

In addition, players can use Auto Fighter to help replace some operations when interacting in the game. Auto Fighter It is likened to a 3rd arm to help players become more resilient in the long battle between the endless galaxy. With the new privileges in VIP 3, hopefully players will feel more excited!

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What privileges does VIP 3 Legendary Fighter have, how many diamonds to load to VIP 3,

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