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Background of Interplanet It is a time in the midst of a crisis when, on the verge of extinction, humanity reaches out to invade the stars. Originally, the humanoid teamed up with an alien organization known as the Anxo Alliance. But the Anxo Alliance seeks peace and balance for the galaxy, while humanity wants to maintain life and extend control. The war started when the conflict between the two sides reached the point of fighting.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Interplanet’s introduction trailer

Graphics in Interplanet impresses with the sci-fi style, the coolness of the machinery, the meticulousness in each ship and the complexity of the final architecture. Besides, the game content is also filled with all kinds of activities such as looting and gathering resources, upgrading and defending, equipping spaceships with firepower, setting up an attack plan, joining a guild, exploring. Destroy and conquer new planets.



Interplanet Released by Thumb Age (Korea) with support from studio Glohow. The game is released for free for iOS and Android.

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