How to equip weapons in the Pursuit game

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Pursuit – one FPS game is appreciated and has the richest arsenal, outstanding and most impressive today. But do you know how to equip weapons for the character and compare the power of weapons in the game or not? If not, please see the following tutorial immediately.

Rarely is a game where the number of weapons in the game is as much, diverse and impressive as Pursuit. Not only the features, but the shape, power and design of the weapons are also one of the highlights that make shooter enthusiasts unable to ignore this cutting edge game.

Change weapons in the game Pursue

If you regularly log into the game, you will receive a lot of different weapons, including main weapons (machine guns, rifles, shotguns …) and secondary weapons (pistols) or even knife and other similar weapons. Therefore, the choice of weapons, how to equip the gun for the character in Pursuit is one of the important things that make the player’s victory.

Step 1: Because the install on the machine and the live version on the web have the same interface and play style, the article will only say and use the same images of both versions. The only difference is if you play on the web then at the homepage of the Pursuit, you choose to shoot now and log in your account to start playing.

If you are using the installed version on your computer, you just need to log in Account Pursuit is to be.

Shoot now

Step 2: Select the server cluster in which you will join the game. Encourage players to choose a server according to their region.

Select a server

Step 3: At the main interface of the game, left-click on the item Warehouse at the top (like image below).

Select Warehouse to access the list of weapons available

Here you will see all the weapons and props that you have, along with the backpack you can use. Depending on the different levels, the number of character’s backpacks will not be the same.

Warehouse interface

Step 4: You need to equip your character with the backpack, calculated in the order 1-2-3-4, then move to the next frame, select the item Weapons and click Equipment of the weapon the character wants to use.

Once selected, that weapon will appear in the corresponding boxes: Main weapon, Secondary weapon good Close-up weapon (knives, swords, other melee weapons). In particular, in the display of the character’s avatar, when you choose the Main Weapon, it will always appear in the character’s hand.

Armed with weapons
The main weapon after being selected will appear on the character’s hand

Do the same with the remaining weapons. Once completed, you can switch to the 2nd backpack to continue with the same steps.

Backpack change

If you do not agree, do not want to use any weapon, you just need to left mouse button on the item Remove corresponding to that weapon and select next Equipment of weapon will be used instead.

Change of weapons
Easily remove the old weapon and replace it with another one

If you want to know about a weapon, very simple, just hover your mouse on its container and leave for about 2 seconds, a small message board will appear with all information about that weapon. From the name, function explanation, the power parameters, the number of bullets, the rate of fire, the power … will appear for you to observe.

Based on this way, you can easily know how each weapon works and in which case to choose for your character a complete, most suitable weapon backpack before each. match.

Compare guns
Compare parameters and properties of different weapons

If one of your favorite weapons has expired (since most weapons received from the Spins or bonus systems have only a certain shelf life), you can choose to enter it (or the item Expired) to hire more, extend the use of the weapon if desired.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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