How to find emails stored in Gmail

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Deleting emails from your Gmail account means you will lose all your emails when you empty your junk folder. If you want to hide emails instead of deleting them, you can choose how to archive them. This allows you to search and retrieve emails at any time.

Archive mail in Gmail allows you to keep important emails without making them show up in the inbox. However, after archiving an email, it’s not clear where it’s going. This can cause problems if you need to find messages that have already been archived. Google does not store such emails in a separate folder, but moves them to a label commonly used to display all messages in your email account. So how to find archived emails in Gmail? First, let’s learn how to archive emails instead of deleting them to clean up the inbox.

How to find emails stored in gmail?

Instructions to find emails stored in Gmail

How to find emails stored in Gmail

1. How to Archive Emails in Gmail

To archive emails in Gmail, simply select one or more emails, and then click the . button Archive.

When you select emails on the Gmail website, the Archive button will appear directly in the menu above your email list.

How to find emails stored in gmail?

In the Gmail app for iOS and Android, you tap the . button Archive appears in the upper menu, with a design similar to that in Gmail for the web.

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Any archived email will disappear from your Gmail inbox, including from any other categories you may have. However, they will still be viewable inside any separate folders you create with Gmail labels.

2. How to find emails stored in Gmail

2.1. Use All Mail to retrieve archived messages in Gmail

As mentioned above, archived emails will disappear from the inbox. One way to find messages stored in Gmail is to switch to folder view All Mail. It will list all Gmail emails at once, including prioritized emails, as well as any automatically categorized emails. You can view this list by clicking on All Mail located in the left menu in Gmail on the web.

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To do this in the Gmail app, tap the . icon 3 dashes located at the top left of the screen. From there, you scroll down and select All Mail.

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There is one obvious downside to this method, especially if you have a large number of emails, which is the amount of emails you will have to go through. This is fine if you only archive recent emails, but you can use the Gmail search bar to pinpoint the specific location of later archived emails.

2.2. Find archived emails in Gmail using the search bar

Unfortunately, there’s no Archive folder that you can use to search, when you’re using the search bar in the Gmail mobile app or Gmail on the web. You will need to know some information such as the subject, sender, and subject of the stored email in order to search it manually. Plus, you can use advanced Gmail search filters to find messages that aren’t in regular folders like your inbox, sent messages, and drafts folders.

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In many cases, using the search bar will list your archived emails. You just need to enter -in:Sent -in:Draft -in:Inbox in the search bar in both the Gmail app and the Gmail website.

You can also add has:nouserlabels Enter the search query to remove any emails that already have a category label. If they’re already categorized, you can see emails in your labeled folder, even if they’re already archived.

This method won’t be able to find the exact email archive you’re looking for, but it will help narrow down the archived emails if you’re having trouble finding them using a basic search or the All folder. Mail.
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