What is Email, Gmail? Compare the difference between these 2 email boxes.

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Surely the term email is no longer strange to us when we live in the 4.0 era, but many people often mistakenly think that email and gmail are the same. So let’s learn what email, gmail is? What is the difference in the article below.

Currently, businesses and trading companies exchange information and soft-copy papers mainly via email and gmail. Each person can create their own email addresses to quickly send personal documents. So What is Gmail? What’s the difference between Gmail and email?

What is the difference between gmail email?

What is an email inbox?

What is Email, Gmail? Compare the differences between them

1. What is email?

You must have heard a lot about email, but when you ask What is email? then don’t know. Email stands for Electronic Mail, a method of exchanging digital messages between people using digital devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and some other devices,… This method only It takes a short time to send and receive mail. In addition to sending text messages, users can attach other multimedia files including graphic files, videos and images.

Users can send messages to recipients living in other regions and countries within seconds. Email plays an important role, helping people to communicate with each other easily. In addition to supporting individual users, email also supports large and medium-sized organizations and businesses.

2. What is Gmail?

Gmail is Google’s most popular free email service today. Users cannot use email without an email service provider like Gmail. Gmail uses protocols POP or IMAPthese protocols support retrieving email messages from the server, just login gmail, you can use many google services.

what is gmail email

Email provided by Gmail consists of 2 parts: title and content. Where the header section includes recipient details and email subject. The message is included in the body. Users can also attach files, insert images or insert links if desired. And if you want to send large files like video files, just attach the video to Google Drive.

In short, Gmail is the most popular online email service today. Besides integrating and synchronizing with Google Account, Gmail is also integrated with some other main Google services such as: Google Drive, Google+, Hangouts, YouTube,…

– Download: Gmail for Android
– Download: Gmail for iPhone

If you do not have a gmail account, please refer to the method gmail sign up here.

3. Compare the difference between Email and Gmail

– Email stands for Electronic mail, is a method of exchanging digital messages between people using electronic devices. Gmail is a free email service developed by Google.

– Email sends digital mail through a communication network such as the Internet. Gmail is an email client that offers security features like virus scanning, email reminders, spam filtering, and more.

– Email supports sending and receiving digital mail through the Internet. Gmail is a platform for sending email, be it an email service provider or an email client.

Email and Gmail play an important role in the exchange and security of important information. So, Register email, create gmail account is necessary. After getting a Gmail account, you proceed Gmail login to experience the excellent services and functions of this e-mail box.

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