How to find and destroy Hellhound, Cerberus in Call of Duty Mobile

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Hellhound, a hellfire wolf is lurking in the Battle Royale Call of Duty Mobile map, like the Boss hidden in Black Ops 4, Call of Duty Mobile also has its own monster, you can find and kill Hellhound to get rare items in Call of Duty Mobile.

Hellhound also known by other names, Cerberus appeared in Call of Duty Mobile, it is hunting players in Battle Royale map. This is a tough boss battle and if not careful, it can easily wipe out your entire squad. It is not too difficult for you to destroy this monster, so you need to find the Hellhound and destroy it.

how to find and eat hellhound cerberus in call of duty mobile

Cerberus – Boss exclusive in Call of Duty Mobile

Where and how to kill Hellhound, Cerberus COD Mobile

Hellhound is a giant boss monster that appears randomly on the Call of Duty Mobile map. To find the Hellhound, open the map and go to the location where the red dot appears. That’s where they’ll appear when you get too close. The image below is where Hellhound appears on the Battle Royale map.

How to find and eat hellhound cerberus in call of duty mobile 2

Approaching the red dot, the Hellhound will appear. It crawls out of the ground and mainly attacks by rushing forward, biting the player. It can also use a wide area AOE attack. The best strategy is to lure the Hellhound, it will chase a member of your team, run at full speed to lead it around, only stopping to shoot when it hits the AOE. The rest of your party can target the Hellhound while it chases its teammates.

When the Hellhound is destroyed, it drops a lot of high-class loot. This is one of the best loot sources on the map, even better than looting at the relief plane. After a period of practice, you can kill Hellhound without difficulty.

how to find and eat hellhound cerberus in call of duty mobile 3

The other players are the real danger, when you are busy killing the Hellhound, it is also an opportunity for another team to focus on you. Try to make sure the area is safe, although it’s not always possible, try to be safe when getting out of it.

You can use rocket launcher FHJ-18 Call of Duty Mobile To destroy the Hellhound, the giant beast that emerges from hell will be quickly defeated by the strongest firepower in the game. If you do not know how to use it, please refer to Taimienphi’s article to better understand this rocket gun.

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