How to open the new Mini Steam Library interface

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A few days ago, the new Steam Library interface was officially updated and some people feel unfamiliar, or sometimes because they are too heavy, too redundant, making booting become much slower.

According to reviews and comments from the gaming community, the new Steam interface brings a lot of discomfort to users. They take up a lot of resources without loading all the game information or consuming bandwidth just to run the game list. Therefore, in the article Taimienphi will guide you to open the new Steam Mini Library interface or in other words open the shortened interface of Steam.

How to make a new mini steam exchange

Shortened version of Steam

How to change the Steam Library interface to Mini Steam mode

A piece of code for the Steam system is being circulated on social networks, with which you can shrink the Steam Library interface to Mini Steam mode without consuming machine space or consuming network bandwidth.

– Download Steam Latest version here.

In addition, Steam is also available on Android and iOS, you download

– Download Steam for Android.
– Download Steam for iPhone.

Specifically, you just need to copy the code “steam://open/minigameslist” into your web browser, then press Enter and then click Open Steam Client Bootstrapper, the interface of your Steam Library library immediately switches to Mini mode.

How to make a mini steam exchange every 2

Into the Mini Steam Library interface, users can still use all of their basic features such as updating the game, viewing the friends list …. they are only shortened, smaller than the interface. old look only. In case you want to go back and switch to the old interface, just click View => Large Mode and you’re done.

How to make a mini steam exchange interface every 3

The vast majority of users today think that Steam’s new interface can be very beautiful, but they are not realistic, after opening it, it takes a long time for the Steam interface to load all game icons or images. But this is just the beginning to perfect them, it may take an updated version for the Steam Library interface to be complete. Please register quickly, create a Steam account to install the demo game as well as buy the copyrighted game on the system.
Dota 2 is a very attractive real-time action tactical role-playing game, you can download Dota 2 via the Steam store system with just a few simple clicks, how to download and install Dota 2 on Steam Taimienphi’s instructions are quite detailed, you can visit the link above for reference.

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