Bully 2 School GTA was in development for over a year before being canceled

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In Rockstar titles, except GTA 6 the fans are also looking forward to seeing the next version of Bully – the hit game was dubbed the “GTA version of the school”. Previously, there were some images leaked online that were supposed to be screenshots from Bully 2although it has been proven that it is just a fake image, it seems that this game actually existed.​


According to Eurogamer, a source from Rockstar revealed that before the cancellation, Bully 2 had been in development for 12-18 months, starting around May 2010 to the end of 2013. There was even a complete part. playable city, albeit a small part, with simple open-world gameplay. However, after a long time consuming a lot of money and effort, in the end Rockstar still chose to give up the game.

According to a source from Eurogamer, Rockstar co-founder Dan House and other game developers started a new sequel shortly after Bully was released, including scenes from the game as well as the plot. The story, main characters and other familiar faces from the first season will all return. However, the development team also had an important problem determining how Jimmy’s story should continue to develop.​


Bully 2’s plot setting is set in the last summer of the school year, the story begins in Jimmy’s stepfather’s room, but then the studio is not sure how to proceed: a new school year, college or something else. The team involved in the main development of Bully 2 is said to be Rockstar New England , however all their efforts over a period of more than 1 year seem to be in vain.

“It used to exist, it used to be playable, but unfortunately it can’t get off the ground.” At that time, the development team that is said to include Drew Medina and Steven Olds had gradually moved to other projects, Bully 2 was again listed as “unannounced games”.​​

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