Location of Nightstone in Genshin Impact

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Noctilucous Jade is a local specialty in Genshin Impact. You need Genshin Impact nightstone to complete quests and level up many characters.

Location of Genshin Impact

Location of Nightstone in Genshin Impact

If you’re hunting for Night Quartz to level up, upgrade, or do Big Business in Liyue, you can find it in some of the following locations:

Caves in Liyue

Before deciding to spend money to buy this mineral, players can find mines of Night Quartz in caves. Just mine and pick it up the same way you would with any other stone in Genshin Impact.

The location of the Nightstone in Genshin Impact

Mingyun Village

The most popular Genshin Impact sword location is south of Mondstadt, around the map area pointing to Mingyun village. It is located in the center of the full map of Genshin Impact, between the two areas as shown below.

The player will encounter the Night Quartz mine while resting on the rock. Thanks to the blue light that stands out in the dark, you can easily spot them. On the other hand, players can also break some rocks here to open the entrance to the cave. Of course, you will face some dangerous enemies but the huge amount of this rare resource will give you the impetus to keep moving forward.

Mingyun Village in Genshin Impact

Other position

Remember Genshin Impact nightstone often appear inside mines, mountains and caves, you can use the interactive map below to get to every marked point and collect them.

Genshin Impact

How to buy Night Stones in Genshin Impact

Those who don’t like to collect can purchase the Genshin Impact Night Stone from the NPC. There was a merchant in Liyue that sold rare minerals, including Night Quartz.

Buy Night Quartz in Genshin Impact

Normally, a player could receive up to five Nightmare Stones from merchant Shitou per day. You can find him in the same neighborhood as the blacksmith and the restaurant. They sell Night Quartz for 1,000 Mora each.

Above is the location of the Nightmare Stone sword in Genshin Impact. Hope the article is useful to you.

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