How to combine guns in the game Legendary Campaigns

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Campaign Legend is a mobile shooter, so the number one important thing is the power, the weapon of the character in the game. When participating in the game, players have many ways to get weapons, such as: buying in stock, free spins, waiting for rewards, but those ways are often quite expensive or have high luck, not real. reliability.

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However, there is still another way for players to be proactive in accumulating weapons and increase the number of guns in their inventory, which is to use the “Gun Piece”.

These pieces can be earned when players perform missions, participate in Campaigns, play Challenges … Or if you want to know more specifically, see the article “How to earn materials to upgrade guns in Campaign Huyen. Voice “that synthesized not long ago.

Some notes:

  • Since we are using “Gun Piece”, of course the first basic thing is that there must be the puzzle pieces.
  • To make a gun, the number of puzzle pieces obtained must be more than (or at least equal to) the number of pieces required by that gun.
  • Quantity matters, but quality is more important, the pieces must belong to the same gun.

Check out “Gun Piece” in Campaign Legend

Step 1: Want to know how many puzzles you have in total? Which guns can be grafted? How many pieces is missing from each gun? You log into the game, from the main interface, choose to enter Warehouse.

Use gun puzzle pieces

Step 2: Select item Insert under.

Get new weapons when successfully pairing guns

Step 3: Here, if you choose:

  • Versatile: A general list of the number of pieces available for each weapon.
  • Insert: In more detail, how many pieces of guns are there and how many pieces are missing.

Use puzzle pieces to form guns

If there are enough puzzle pieces to form a new gun, there will be a message with a red dot above (illustration) to draw attention.

Gun puzzle pieces
Red dot and the message “Can match” when there are enough “Gun puzzle pieces”

How to perform gun transplantation in Campaign Legend

Step 1: When there are enough pieces to create any weapon, you click on that gun. As in this tutorial, the writer had 50/40 puzzle pieces (10 extra pieces left) to create a new weapon – the MP5 gun.

You touch the weapon frame, choose to continue Matching.

gun transplant

Step 2: Notice asking if you agree to transplant? Choose Cancel to deny, OK to agree.


  • When performing gun matching, players need to spend a certain amount of gold.
  • This amount of gold depends on the type of gun, the life and the level of the gun that will vary. In all, before grafting has 9022 gold, after grafting is 7382 (it costs 1640 gold).

Confirm gun graft

And here are our results!

Successful gun matchingSuccessfully pairing a new weapon from “Gun Puzzle Piece”

Also, if you don’t feel like using these puzzles, you absolutely can Exchange They offer other items such as: EXP cards to upgrade other weapons or EXP cards to upgrade teammates.

Convert gun match cards

The number and types of gun components the player will receive when converting the word “gun puzzle piece” is also quite rich.

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Above is the basic information about the use of “Gun Piece” in the game Legendary Campaign. Hopefully with this guide, you will play and get a better experience with this extremely hot Mobile shooting game.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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