How to use the Wheel in Pursuit game

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The Wheel is one of the cool and quite interesting features in the Pursuit game. Not only gives players valuable items, but sometimes are very cool weapons that we have to be very difficult or spend a lot of money to buy in the Shop.

Chasing Chasing is one of the hottest first-person shooters today, not only available on the web, Windows version, but also has two extremely exclusive versions for mobile operating systems iOS and Android. .

Mobile Access for Android

Mobile for

If you are also playing this shooting game, then remember, in addition to regular daily login, the game also has a Wheel, which always gives you valuable and unique gifts.

How to use Spins in Pursuit

Step 1: You can use this feature on the web version or on the client installation. In this article, we will perform on the game interface on the Internet Browser.

You use any web browser and access the homepage of the game Chasing, then select enter Shoot now to begin.

Shoot now

Step 2: A small window appears, you can register Account Pursuit New here or log in now with an existing account.

Sign in to your account
Log in to your Pursuit account

Step 3: Select the server you want to play. The recommendation of the game is that you should choose which server is near, in your area for the best results.

Select a server

Step 4: Game delivery appears, you click on the icon Rotation.

The main interface of the game

Step 5: There will be three arsenal corresponding to a lot of different weapons and items in the game. From strength, style to power and effect while playing games. The value of those weapons and items also varies, depending on the arsenal you choose to spin.

Silver weapon

Values ​​are calculated from low to high, specifically:

The arsenal of silver weapons – The aristocratic arsenal – the golden arsenal.

Noble weapons

Depending on the amount of money you have to choose to shoot in the arsenal of your own. Since the received item has a different value, the cost of entering it will not be the same.

Gold weapon
The three arsenal have gifts with different values ​​and uses

Step 6: For example we will try luck with silver arsenal, you left click on the item Into the silver arsenal to enter the interface as below. There will be two options for players, they are:

  • Normal rotation: Need to consume 30 jewels for each spin and donated from 1 – 3 points into the energy reserve bar.
  • Preferential dials: Need to consume 80 jewels for each spin and donated from 6 – 10 points into the energy reserve bar.

Into the bonus draw

When choosing to shoot, all the gift frames will be covered, and the system will change the position of the rewards automatically.

Select the open cell

Want to open any cell, just hover on it and left click to open it.


Consuming the gems and getting bonus points for the spin forms is exactly the same for all three arsenals.

Get rewarded
Just left-click on the desired box to open it

To check where your reward is, you just need to exit the main interface of the game and click on Warehouse.


Depending on what item you get, it will be in different items such as (Gifts, Weapons, Characters good Tools…).

Rewards received from the Spins will be deposited into the Vault by default

The gift after being used will automatically disappear from the character’s Warehouse. However, it must be said that most of the items are weapons have a expiration date, we can use them within the specified time or use money to extend the time to use them if we want.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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