Coalition Chess: How to play the Warrior-Gunner formation


Gunners – Frenzy is a very powerful combo formation, with a lot of damage in the Mobile Chess League.


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Coalition Chess: How to play the Warrior-Gunner formation


Formation rampant – Gunners are very strong thanks to two effects of standard damage and burn (Darkness – Magic). These are two very powerful effects that make the opponent feel afraid. In addition, this lineup does not lack damage when owning a series of generals capable of causing terrible dame.


There’s a problem with building a Rage-Gunners lineup that’s how much money it takes. This makes a fairly expensive lineup with 3-4 gold champions and some champions that are difficult to turn around even at the end of the game. So if there is no “dignity” then it is best not to play this squad.

Build a squad


In addition to the Gunners and Rage Wars, the lineup also has a ton of buffs and supporting clans including:


  • Violet
  • Valhein
  • Moren
  • Capheny

Rage War

Monster hunter




Demon Tribe

Instructions on how to play

Early game stage

With that said, the Gunners – Chaos lineup has a very high cost and requires many high ranking generals in the squad. So, in the early game, you need to focus on keeping blood. If you lose too much blood, you will have the chance to lose early when the formation is not finished. At this stage, try to get Valhein and Violet to deal damage, Amily as the front tanker. The other major champions we can get in mid-game.

Amily - The main tanker in the early game
Amily – The main tanker in the early game

Mid-game stage

Mid game stage is the time when players add almost all the generals. Prioritize taking Errol, Nakthin. After you have Capheny, you can ditch Amily instead to increase the damage done by wide area. Continue to “do business” and make nearly enough squad if possible. Priority is still to keep score.

Late game stage

This is the pivotal stage of the game, when your squad is at its maximum. Things to do now:

  • Perfect the squad, look for Richter and Vokath. These 2 champions will help increase magic resistance as well as wide-area stun ability and complete the Rage lineup.
Vokath - Strong late-game champion
Vokath – Strong late-game champion
  • Defend the Gunners line by being streamlined, ensuring that these champions can deal maximum damage.
  • Level up the lineup of 2 – 3 stars.

I wish you success with the Gunners – Rivalry formation.

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