How to equip the most appropriate accessories for each PUBG gun line

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PUBG Mobile is a survival shooter game that is loved by many players with extremely diverse weapons and accessories, PUBG Mobile has many ways to attach accessories to weapons, but what is the best combination? the best for each gun line?

For those who are just beginning to come into contact with survival shooter games like PUBG Mobile, having a lot of accessories to combine with different guns will be confusing and new players to PUBG Mobile often don’t know which is the best and most effective choice for the guns they pick up.

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How to combine weapons and accessories properly

Currently PUBG Mobile has the following versions, you can download the appropriate version below:

– Download PUBG Mobile for Android.
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The most effective ways to combine accessories and weapons in PUBG Mobile

Assault Rifle

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Assault Rifle (AR) is the most popular and versatile gun in PUBG Mobile with a variety of shooting capabilities from close to medium range. With the right accessories, AR guns will exert their power extremely well in gunfights and this is the reason why all PUBG Mobile gamers love this gun line.

When shooting at close range, rifles are most effective when fitted with Holo or Reddot, mid-range is preferred. Mid-range range is from x2 to x4, and at long-range, you can use x6 but should switch back to mode. single shot.

Next will be about the handle. Vertical Grip is a commonly used choice for weapons with high recoil, but the M416 or M762 allows the center to recover faster, reducing the recoil of the gun. The triangle handle (Angled Grip) slightly reduces horizontal and vertical recoil, suitable for close-range gunfight situations.

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Extended QuickDraw Magazine is of course the optimal choice for guns when possessing both the ability to quickly change ammunition as well as the magazine with more ammunition. In addition, there are 2 other types of magazines that have the effect of changing quickly or increasing the number of bullets so that you can use them temporarily before picking up good magazines.

The recoil reduction barrel is the top choice for the barrel to aid accuracy with each bullet. The silencer barrel is also very reasonable when shooting at mid-range to conceal one’s position.

Tactical Stock is also an important accessory to reduce the recoil and increase the accuracy of the gun.

Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)

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DMRs are suitable for mid-range shooting, so the Scope X4 and above are the best. Usually DMRs have between 10 and 20 rounds so an extended magazine or an extended quick change will be best for DMRs. Vertical grip is better for DMRs because it can give good regen and DMRs usually fire in single-fire mode.

The silencer will be the most suitable barrel when you shoot in a survival game like PUBG Mobile, then the recoil-reducing barrel.

Sniper Rifle

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Sniper is a gun that specializes in shooting at long distances, so long-range scopes are extremely suitable. X8 will be the most stable choice, followed by x6 and x4. The silencer barrel is the next priority to be able to have sniper shots without revealing the position. The magazine is not so important because the Sniper is usually One hit One kill and does not need to be changed quickly.
Above are the ways to equip accessories for each gun line. You can see more latest updates PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 with the Halloween event launching here

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