What special skills does General Senna League of Legends have?

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League of Legends continues to launch its latest champion Senna with an extremely unique mechanism as ADC/Support, what skill set will the newest champion of League of Legends have to be able to satisfy? both Support allies and also deal damage to the opponent. Let’s find out with Taimienphi the skill set of this general.

Senna, the latest champion introduced by League of Legends to the community, is Lucian’s wife in the plot, and was captured by Thresh. After a persistent journey, Lucian finally freed his wife and fought with her in League of Legends.

What is the name of the telephone alliance?

Lucian’s wife joins her husband in war after returning from the dead.

Senna in League of Legends is a champion with a completely new mechanism when she is the first champion to take on both ADC/Support roles. These two positions are inherently different when one position deals main damage, the other favors protecting teammates and opening fights. Therefore, League of Legends surprised players when giving Senna the “Comprehensive Defense” skill set.

Senna’s skill set.

1. Passive: Absolution.

What is the name of the telephone alliance?

Senna can attack enemy souls after they die to absorb their Mist. She can also absorb Mist from enemy champions she attacks twice, when she deals bonus physical damage equal to 1% of their maximum health (4s cooldown per champion).

Each point of Mist grants Senna 1 Attack Damage, 20 stacks Senna will gain 25 attack range and 15% crit chance. 35% of excess crit will be converted to Lifesteal.

Relic Cannon (Side Effect): Senna’s attacks take longer to fire, dealing 30% more ATK on hit and increasing her target’s Movement Speed ​​by 10%.

2. Q – Piercing Darkness

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Senna fires a jet of darkness that pierces both allies and enemies. Enemies hit take 50 + (50% ATK) damage and allies that receive the energy beam heal for 40 + (25% Ability Power) (40% ATK) health.

Basic attacks reduce Q’s cooldown by 1s, Q cast range equals Senna’s attack range and cast time decreases as Senna’s attack speed increases. Can select all targets and apply bonus effects on enemies.

3. W – Last Embrace

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Senna unleashes a black mist that deals 70 + (70% ATK) damage to the first enemy hit and marks them. After 1s, the mist explodes and immobilizes nearby enemies for 1.45s.

4. E – Curse of the Black Mist

What is the name of the telephone alliance? 5

Senna transforms into an area of ​​black mist for 6s and becomes a Ghost. Allies entering Senna’s black mist gain Camouflage and also become a Ghost when exiting the mist. Ghost Status grants 20% Movement Speed, cannot be targeted and hides the person’s identity unless getting close enough.

In Camouflage: Units in this state hide from view, revealing only when near enemy champions, turrets, and true vision.

Ghost Status: Enemies can see the unit but don’t know who it is, in addition, the person in this state possesses an additional Camouflage status.

5. R – Dawning Shadow

What is the name of the telephone alliance? 6

Senna fires an explosion of light in an area of ​​the entire map. Enemies hit will gain 250 + (40% Ability Power)(100% Attack Damage), all allies within range gain 120 + (40% Ability Power)(Stacks) Mist) shields for 3s.

Comment on Senna’s skill set.

– Senna’s skill set has the ability to suit the role of ADC/Support when it can be used on both enemy and enemy units with different effects, depending on what the situation requires Senna will need. Use the right skills to achieve the best effect.

– Possessing a full range of abilities from Heal, Shield, Control, Damage, Full Map skills, Senna has a perfect skill set.

– E – Curse of the Black Mist skill is currently overrated, you can simply understand that it will be similar to Akali’s W – Smoke Bomb that will be effective for teammates, even The enemy must get close enough to recognize the person coming out from there. A teamfight without knowing who the opponent is approaching will be an extremely dangerous thing.

– This skill set is Senna’s original skill set that appeared on the PBE, and will definitely be edited a lot when the official version comes out to make Senna less powerful when appearing.

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