Instructions for installing ArtMoney

By installing ArtMoney Pro on the computer, players can change some settings in the game themselves, making it easier to overcome difficult levels or discover interesting hidden features inside. in my favorite game.

When playing the game, sometimes we encounter difficult levels to overcome or have difficulty unlocking the special feature we need. To reduce time and effort, you can use some small tricks to change game parameters, adjust settings to make the game experience easier.


Instructions on how to install ArtMoney

In this article, Taimienphi will guide you in detail on how to install ArtMoney Pro, a versatile tool that allows users to effectively cheat in the game.

Instructions on the basic steps to install ArtMoney Pro on your computer

Step 1: You follow the link provided by Taimienphi below to download the latest version of ArtMoney Pro to your computer.

– Download ArtMoney Pro software here: Download ArtMoney Pro

Step 2: Right click Go to the downloaded file and select Run as administrator to install ArtMoney Pro with administrative rights.

Artmoney 2

Step 3: Welcome screen users appear, you can ignore by pressing next ;

artmoney 3

Step 4: Round window terms of use , you click on the line I accept the agreement to agree, then press next ;

artmoney 4

Step 5: Keep pressing next to set installation folder location ArtMoney Pro as default or press Browse to change at will;

artmoney guide 5

Step 6: Similarly, you press Browse and Set up shortcuts for ArtMoney Pro in Start Menu or press next ignore and leave as default


Step 7: Here you choose Set up extension then press next ;

artmoney 7

Step 8: Next you Language setting แปฏ Work on the software interface, select next to go to the next step;


Step 9: In the new window will let you choose Create icon software on the desktop and the menu bar below. After the setup is done, press next ;


Step 10: The software asks you to confirm the settings you have made. If you are satisfied, press Install .


The software will perform the installation process in a few minutes and display the message as shown below. You choose to restart the computer now or leave it for later. Press finish to complete.

artmoney 11
Above, Taimienphi has introduced you 10 steps to install ArtMoney Pro on the computer, helping you to edit and change the parameters in the game. Hopefully, after installing this software, it will help you easily overcome difficult levels, discover interesting things in the game. In addition, you can also refer to more software Cheat Engine, this is also the leading software in offline game cheating.

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