How to earn a lot of Gold in Coin Master

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For the fun pirate bombardment game Coin Master, Gold is always a valuable and most important resource because they can help you build structures, cross villages or use them to open Chests to receive rare cards. Here we will show you a few simple ways to earn a lot of Gold in Coin Master.

As mentioned above, players can use Gold to open chests in the shop to receive rare cards, when collecting enough rare cards, you will receive a lot of valuable rewards including Free Spins, unlock Pet, the more money the chest, the rare item will definitely be very high.

how to make a lot of money in coin master

The simplest and most effective way to earn a lot of Gold

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Tips to earn a lot of Gold in Coin Master game

1. Pet Foxes

Quite a lot of you think that raising a tiger is better because you can earn more money by smashing the house, but to make a lot of money, you have to raise a fox. For example, the image of Taimienphi attached below, this is one of our money thefts. Dig 43 million, the fox dug for another 30 million, bet x80. The total amount of 1 time digging is nearly 6 billion, how many houses do you raise the tiger to get 6 billion?

how to make a lot of money in coin master 2

2. Earn Coin Master spins to play Event

There are many ways to earn free Spin Coin Master that sometimes you can’t know them all, accumulate every day and then use it to spin Events. Where does the spin come from? Get from event rewards, top up Coin Master game cards, run Coin Master spins… spin Coin Master spins again

3. Make friends with people with a lot of money

There are at least 2 rich friends, when you have more than 100 million, people never steal more than 50 million, so don’t be afraid of bankruptcy, the more money they don’t rob, so let it be but slowly enjoy and they only increase, not decrease. Currently, once I was robbed at most 90 million, 1 day was robbed for a total of only a few hundred million, you can easily earn this few hundred million by digging friends’ houses, rich people have made friends.

how to earn more coins in coin master 3

4. Form a bandit team if possible

Play the game for fun, in order not to upset your friends, you should go back and forth, if you robbed someone’s house, you should let them rob you, you were robbed 50 million but people x10 alone, they already have 500 million . So, after robbing someone else’s house, don’t spend all your money, but let it build a team to play robbers back and forth to get rich together, don’t dent your friendship so much that you have to unfriend each other.

Remember that when there are rich people playing together, the money only increases, not decreases.

5. Spin the Raid pig to earn Gold Coin Master

Each house Raid is 1 time you can earn a lot of Gold in Coin Master, if your Bet number is high, the amount of money is multiplied, for example, our photo in item 1.
– How to give people less spins:
+ Spin x1 until 3 pigs appear.
+ Spin bet x1 about 30-45 times. The average is 35 times.
+ Increase bet x10 spins 15 times.
+ Increase bet x20 spin until there are 3 pigs.
=> Each time 3 pigs appear, return to bet x1 and recalculate 35 times.
– How to give people more spins:
+ Spin x1 until 3 pigs appear
+ Spin x1 about 30 times.
+ Each next bet level spins 10 times. (Example 10 times x10, 10 times x20 until you meet 3 pigs).
=> Each time 3 pigs appear, go back to x1 and count 30 times.

Currently on the network there are many other ways to earn a lot of Gold in Coin Master, but according to Taimienphi, these are the simplest methods that anyone can do, quickly and simply. Now, Parrot event, Jump into the Jungle game Coin Master going on, quickly log in and join now.

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