How to Drift in Grand Theft Auto DRAW

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Drift is always a fun part of high speed racing games, especially for Grand Theft Auto V or GTA 5 open world RPG you can also do them easily, this technique helps You control the car to go in the desired direction at high speed.

In the street races of the game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) then Drift always the best part, they can help you move quickly to another direction at high speed without any loss of speed. However, remember that when playing an online race, you should limit the use of Drift as much as possible, because they will cause you to fail if you do it wrong even a little.

how to drift in the game grand theft auto v

How to basic Drift in Grand Theft Auto V game for newbies

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Basic Drift Instructions in Grand Theft Auto DRAW

Drifts in Grand Theft Auto V can often lead to a loss of speed and, if not done properly, they will cause your vehicle to be thrown off course, in the wrong direction, and lost in time. But if you still want to try your hand at this skillful driving technique, don’t hesitate, practice and let everyone know about the flashiest race car in Los Santos.

– First you need to accelerate the car to a moderate speed (should be done in a wide space).
– Then make a left or right turn by releasing the acceleration button, don’t press the brake/reverse key because it causes the car to lose momentum.
– Press the Handbrake key as soon as you start turning and keep pressing it until you don’t want to Drift anymore.
– In case if you want the car to stop (no more Drift), press the reverse direction key to stop the car. (Example: If you are Drifting in Grand Theft Auto V to the left, press the right key to stop Drift).

Refer to the video tutorial Drift in the game GTA 5

Surely it will take you hours to make Drift in Grand Theft Auto V game, there are many theories for you to apply this to your Drift. But practice makes perfect, you may not catch it immediately so be patient.

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