“Dr. Strange” bravely saves people like a real-life superhero

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On June 1, the actor Benedict Cumberbatch – people who are famous for their roles Dr. Strange of the cinematic universe Marvel I was walking on the street when I saw 4 thugs attacking a delivery man to steal his bicycle. These guys even used weapons and glass bottles to hit the victim’s head. Disgruntled with the scene, Benedict decided to jump out of the car to rescue the poor delivery man.


Before that, the star Dr. Strange was traveling with his wife Sophie Hunter in an Uber. According to eyewitnesses, Benedict rushed out of the Uber car and shouted at the robbers: “Leave him (the delivery man) alone!”. Next, the 41-year-old actor pulled the bloody victim out of the thugs. They tried to suppress Benedict but he fought back.

“Dr.Strange” and his wife Sophie Hunter

Uber driver Manuel Dias, 53 years old, said: “I was driving Benedict and his wife to a club, but I didn’t know it was him at first. As we were walking down Marylebone High Street, we saw four people surrounding a delivery man. cycling goods. My passenger immediately jumped out, ran over and pulled the men. They turned to him and things got worse, so I got in too.”

Uber driver with husband and wife Benedict Cumberbatch

“I kept one of them and Benedict took care of the others. He’s very brave and seems to know exactly what he’s doing. In fact, he completely handled this case. Those guys tried to hit Benedict but he defended himself and pushed them away. He was not injured. Then I think they also realized it was Benedict and ran away. Benedict was incredibly courageous and kind. If he hadn’t stepped out, the delivery man could have been hurt even more.”

When the thugs had run away, Benedict asked the victim about his condition. When the shipper confirms that: “I’m fine” then Benedict hugged him.

Bicycle delivery man is the target of robbers

The driver added that he felt the cyclist was very lucky, Benedict Cumberbatch is a real-life superhero. But the star MCU insists he is not a hero, he simply feels the need to help the victim.

Marylebone High Street – where the robbery took place

There is another special thing that people quickly realize, which is that the above incident happened just away from the house 221B Baker Street – the fictional residence of the detective. Sherlock Holmes not far, but Sherlock Holmes is also a famous role associated with the image of actor Benedict Cumberbatch.


As an actor who specializes in transforming into characters embodying justice and righteousness, the British actor has also shown his good personality in real life, making fans love it even more. He often contributes to social activities, charity and helping people in need like the above nice action.

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